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This Street Artist Will Carve Your Face in a Lollipop By Chewing. Unbelievable!





This old man in the streets of Singapore became famous because of his awesome talent that everyone finds too good to be true.

The man only known as “Uncle” has the ability to chew lollipops and turn them into face sculptures that have
almost detailed facial features. He’s been dubbed as the “Lollipop Street Artist” and you just can’t believe what he does.

In the video, he impressed a tourist named Rich, visiting Singapore’s Chinatown. As Rich sits in front of him, he is anxious to see what Uncle can do with his lollipop chewing. Rich reveals that it’s been ten minutes that Uncle has been gnawing on the sweets, but once he was finished, the tourist couldn’t just believe his eyes.

Check out the video below:

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