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This Carbon Fiber Guitar Is Virtually Indestructible – And It’s Foldable, Too!





Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. The same can indeed be said about this awesome travel guitar made by two brothers.

It all started on a winter evening in 2014 when Adam Klosowiak “forgot to close the windows” of his college dorm’s bedroom as he went for a vacation break. Upon his return, he discovered his wooden travel guitar had cracked and its sound has been already been ruined beyond repair.

Ian, his brother, came up with a solution.

Meet KLOS travel guitars, a foldable musical instrument made from carbon fiber!

Source: KLOS

As a guitar player himself who enjoys working with composite materials, Ian thought of a unique solution to his brother’s problem.

Several prototypes later (and after running successful campaigns over at Kickstarter and IndieGogo), the brothers now have these innovative instruments.

Durable, portable, and doesn’t sacrifice sound quality.

Source: KLOS

As the official website tells us:

“The final product is one that does not create a fear of damaging it when you travel with it, but rather enhances your motivation to play and travel. The KLOS guitar does not limit your sound when you’re around the bonfire singing and playing, but rather booms forth your righteous tunes.”

Totally ready for all your outdoor adventures!

Source: KLOS

In an Instagram post, one of the captions read:

“The sun’s got nothing on this guitar! Carbon fiber resists the warping and cracking caused by temperature and humidity changes.”

Watch the video feature here:

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Pretty interesting, right? Well, if you’re curious about the idea of getting one, the good news is…

Price will not be an issue at all.

Source: KLOS

“The KLOS guitar,” the site guarantee, “does not compromise the status of your wallet, but rather leaves a small indentation that is quickly filled with love in the form of a six-stringed carbon fiber beauty!”

For further updates, you can check out KLOS Guitars on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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