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‘Stranger Things’ Cast Net Worth, Ranked From Lowest To Highest

These young stars are definitely one of the coolest (and richest) kids in Hollywood!






It is safe to say that Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp were unknown actors before they portrayed their characters in “Stranger Things.” Now, these “unknown kids” are the main reasons why the show is such a huge success and instantly became one of the coolest (and richest) kids in Hollywood.

Netflix has officially picked up “Stranger Things” for the third season, and the cast is all reportedly getting some pretty big bumps in pay. For now, here are their current net worths, ranked from lowest to highest.

Sadie Sink Net Worth: $ 200,000

Source: Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink’s net worth may have landed her at the bottom of the list but this young girl, who plays Max Mayfield on the show, is still not done in expanding her brand. Although she is popularly known for her character in “Stranger things,” the American actress has appeared on Broadway with credits including “Annie” and “The Audience.”

Charlie Heaton Net Worth: $250,000

Charlie Heaton’s net worth is expected to grow a lot higher as he is now getting more opportunities after playing Jonathan Byers in “Stranger Things.” Although he hasn’t reached the million dollar club yet, he is surely getting there soon considering his growing popularity.

Natalia Dyer Net Worth: $2 million

Source: Natalia Dyer

Netflix viewers know her as Nancy Wheeler, a role that boosted Natalia Dyer’s net worth. Aside from her regular appearance in “Stranger Things,” she also appeared in several movies. Natalia made her career debut at the age of 12 from the movie “Hannah Montana: The Movie” in 2009 starring Miley Cyrus.

Joe Keery Net Worth: $2.7 million

Source: Joe Keery

Joe Keery’s net worth mostly came from his “Stranger Things” role, Steve Harrington, but he also has been in a number of shows such as “Empire,” “Chicago Fire” and more.

Caleb McLaughlin Net Worth: $3 million

“Stranger Things” fans may not know this, but Caleb McLaughlin’s net worth was already growing even before he portrayed Lucas Sinclair on the hit Netflix series. He played one of the most demanding roles on Broadway – the part of young Simba, in the “Lion King.” The talented actor took the role for two years before moving to Los Angeles to star in “Stranger Things.”

Noah Schnapp Net Worth: $3 million

Source: Noah Schnapp

Before portraying Will Byers, he already had a great opportunity to act in “Bridges of Spies” along with Tom Hanks, Amy Ryan, and Alan Alda. He is also a voice actor and he voiced iconic character Charlie Brown in “The Peanuts Movie.”

Finn Wolfhard Net Worth: $3 million

Finn Wolfhard’s net worth is a result of his growing success in Hollywood. He made his television debut in a 2014 episode of the CW series “The 100.” His next role was Jordie Pinsky in the series “Supernatural.” In 2016, Finn landed his breakout role as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” He is also a musician.

Gaten Matarazzo Net Worth: $4 million

Gaten Matarazzo’s net worth has been growing nonstop ever since he began his career as a stage actor. He was a part of Broadway productions, including “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “Les Miserables” before portraying Dustin Henderson.

Millie Bobby Brown Net Worth: $4 million

Eleven is such a unique and intriguing character that it helped skyrocket Millie Bobby Brown’s net worth and catapulted her to superstardom. She has been offered multiple endorsement deals, various modeling contracts, and a string of new projects.

David Harbour Net Worth: $4 million

David Harbour’s net worth is growing fast, thanks to his role as Chief Jim Hopper. Just like most of the kids on this list, he also started his career as a stage actor.

Winona Ryder Net Worth: $18 million

Source: Instagram

Winona Ryder’s net worth claimed the top spot! The bulk of Winona’s wealth can be attributed to her acting. Her most recent role as Joyce Byers is sure to fatten her bank account even more.


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