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Woman Surprises Step-Daughter With Adoption Papers During Her Birthday Party

Definitely the best gift ever. Now the whole internet is crying!

Adoption stories are often heartwarming and the same can be said about this one you’ll read below. In this YouTube footage, we see a young girl named Hailey getting the best birthday present ever – and it’s totally making the internet cry!

“Why am I the center of attention?” asks Hailey while celebrating her birthday in an outdoor setting. Brigitte, her step mother, later got down on her knees and presented several gifts.

Brigitte gave Hailey some baloons, a stuffed animal, and a necklace.

The said necklace reads:

“My daughter holds my heart.”

As can be seen on the clip, the appreciative youngster began to be a little emotional because of the sweet presents.

Unknown to Hailey, a life-changing moment awaited her shortly thereafter.

Brigitte then handed the birthday celebrant a piece of paper which, it turns out, is a document that will change their lives forever.

As she shared on the YouTube video’s description:

“Today we surprised my Step Daughter with a adoption party to give her her the adoption papers.

“We had been pursuing the court system for 5 years to gain permanent custody after a long journey I filed for adoption and one year later it was approved. The Judge put in capital letters that it was in Haley’s best interest to be adopted by me her Step Mom or like she called me Super Mom.

“This is the second time I have been blessed with a adoption I am a Mother of two amazing girls and couldn’t be prouder of them both.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the clip has since immediately went viral on social media, gaining a lot of love and attention not only from netizens but from various news sources.

You can watch it below but be sure to prepare your tissue. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Watch the tearjerking video here:

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That’s definitely the sweetest “I love you, Mom” I’ve heard in my life.


7-Year-Old Girl Reaches Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit to be “Nearer” to Her Deceased Dad

She believes that reaching the summit made her more visible to her dad.

A 7-year old Texan child now holds the record of being the youngest girl to have reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. While the feat is something that she takes pride in, it seems that Montannah Kenney was more ecstatic over the fact that she had been to a place that brought her closer to her father.

Montannah and her mom, Hollie Kenney, had originally planned to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro later this October. However, upon finding out that an 8-year old girl had previously made it to the summit, Montannah changed her mind and wanted to break the record. After all, as the girl is not expected to turn 8 earlier than May this year, reaching the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro at the age of 7 would give her the distinction of being the youngest to achieve such a feat.

Montannah Kenney has set the record of being the youngest girl to reach the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro at the age of 7.

According to Hollie, however, Montannah was excited not only about breaking a record but more about reaching the 19,341-foot summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro because of her belief that it would bring her closer to her father, who died when she was only 3-years old. ...

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After Losing 70 Pounds, This Guy Now Looks Like a Disney Prince

“I’ve lost a lot of weight, a lot of sadness, and a little facial hair. I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for life. Remember to always love yourself.”

Losing weight may not be simple and easy but as countless people who’ve done it will tell us, it can be done and it’s very much worth the effort. Besides, living healthy not only benefits your physical body but even your mental health.

Jeffrey Kendall is definitely a fine example of that. Kendall, who recently shared his story on Reddit, have officially gone viral on social media because of his impressive transformation.

The road wasn’t easy but Jeffrey Kendall finally managed to shed 70 pounds.

According to Jeffrey, he was fat, jobless, and “extremely depressed” just two years ago. At the time, he was living with his mother who he had to care for after a traumatic brain injury....

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‘The Wisest Man I Ever Met Was A Third Grade Drop Out’ – Dr. Rick Rigsby

The video has since gained millions of views on YouTube and Facebook!

Listening to a commencement speaker on your graduation can either be a chore or a pleasure. If the talk is too lengthy and boring, we really can’t blame you if your attention wanders elsewhere.

It is, of course, a different story when the speaker is lively, engaging, and motivational. Graduates of the California State University Maritime Academy had the opportunity to listen to such a speaker when they invited award-winning journalist and author Dr. Rick Rigsby.

In his speech, Dr. Rick Rigsby paid tribute to the “wisest man” he ever met – a “third grade drop out”.

Source: Goalcast

As successful as he is, Rigsby shared that he was greatly blessed because of the advice he received from his late father – who was a “simple cook” and a “third grade drop out”....

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