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Mission Impossible: Squirrel Conquers a Difficult Obstacle Course for Food





Squirrels are mammals that can grow from 5 to 36 inches in size. According to the National Geographic, there are at least 200 kinds of these animals around the world, except in Australia. They prefer to be alone although, from time to time, they leave the safety and security of their habitats to search for food.

These jittery creatures are generally omnivores. They enjoy nibbling on nuts, acorns, berries, eggs, and baby birds amongst others. Some of them also risk everything by invading bird feeders from backyards. They are cute indeed unlike rodents, but some people find them annoying.

To see if he could just feed birds and not squirrels, The Mad Inkeeper set up an obstacle course composed of wheels and slippery tubes high above the ground.

Do you think it stopped them from reaching the tube filled with sumptuous treats?

In an act, which resembles a scene from the movie Mission Impossible; they jumped, turned, and performed death-defying moves just to get their hands on the prize.

Squirrels are smart creatures that never give up, and the video below proves that.

Watch this and tell us what you think:

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