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Miracle Son Recounts How His Father Reacted When He Was Diagnosed With Cancer as a Kid.

The bond between this father and son is truly priceless!

Our parents are the most capable people in the world who can give us unconditional love that is so immense, it is beyond belief. We think it is not just because it is their responsibility to care for their children, but more so because it is but natural for them to feel that strong affection towards their offspring. Ultimately, there is no explanation too deep that can ever define a parent’s love for their child.

For many, their parents are their heroes. Take this man for an example. At age 13, he was told that he was gonna die due to his cancer diagnosis. He said it was the first time that he saw his dad cry upon learning his prognosis. The scene made a striking impact on him ever since. When his dad, who is a member of the marines, was asked to join a three-year tour, he immediately refused to go and said that he didn’t care of the consequences, he won’t go because his son has cancer. These are just some of the fond memories that this man had with his ‘hero’. There are so many more touching events that he recalled in the video below.

Watch his full gratitude testament here:

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Credits: American Greetings via SF Globe


Free Box Given to Expectant Parents in Finland Contains Awesome Baby Stuff. WOW!

Free boxes given to expectant parents in Finland for baby’s safety and well-being.


Babies in cribs are not new to us, but it doesn't work like that in this particular country where babies comfortably sleep in a box. It may sound strange, but the said box has been loved by many families in Finland. An old tradition which started in 1938, each box is given to expectant parents or mothers for free by the Finnish government, Kela and has also become part of their culture.

What's inside the box?-- mattress, sleeping bag, baby clothes like overalls, body suits, and romper suits, bath products, outdoor gear, cloth nappy set, picture book, teething toy, bra pads, and even condoms.

Regardless of one's background, religion, ethnicity or income level, all expectant mothers are provided with such box. It used to be only available to families with lower incomes but was expanded to include everyone in 1949 to encourage pregnant women to go to the doctor so as to avoid complications. This caused the infant mortality rate in Finland to drop. Although it's not mandatory to take the box, 95% of them go for it instead of the cash grant of 140 euros....

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Granny Shocks Everyone As Soon As She Started Swinging That Yellow Baseball Bat! LOL!

Granny’s still got the moves!

Staying upbeat with physical fitness is quite a challenge that not anybody could maintain and closely monitor. However, that is about to change as this granny proves that she’s not yet too old to show off her moves. Mind you, it was brilliantly surprising!

It all started as grandma walks towards the home plate. Slowly, she started swinging the yellow baseball bat, modestly acting as if it was still her good old glory days. As the young man pitches the ball, granny hit beyond what was expected of her - the ball almost hit the young man's face! I bet he didn’t see that coming!

Watch the video here:


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They Don’t Just Come In Great Speed. They Also Produce Wonders in Just Seven Minutes. AMAZING!

Introducing, the seven-minute miracle!

You've never been to Japan unless you've ridden at least one of its high-tech bullet trains that are known for their fashionably fast and furious speed - the Shinkansen, which is one of the ultimate “thang” and highlights of the Land of the Rising Sun. However, as you hop and alight these trains, ever wonder how they clean those things knowing that the staff only have a few minutes to spare?

The answer—the seven-minute miracle.

With an estimated 40,000 passengers and 323 trains departing from Tokyo every single day, this group initially falls in line in the platform and prepares all the things that would be needed during their “ride.” With just literally seven minutes, an elite cleaning team hops in and does the magic with their own versions of “magic brooms,” cleaning rags, and bottles of glass cleaners. As you know, magicians don’t just use their tricks and gimmicks, they specifically have their own style. For this group, they get the perks of pressing a secret button that would automatically rotate each chair for easier and faster cleaning. Again, can’t blame the Japanese if they want to be on top, right?...

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