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Someone Handcrafted This Desktop Fantasy Waterfall and It’s Amazing





Do-It-Yourself projects are always fun, especially if you are the artsy-fartsy type. Of course, DIYs are more expressive and although they can sometimes cost you money, the results are always worth the time and effort.

Case in point, someone recently made a desktop fantasy waterfall or a fountain and the result is pretty amazing. The first few steps are a little tricky but if you have the patience and skill, it’s definitely worth it.

Martina, who uploads videos via Nerdforge on YouTube, used a transparent PLA filament to print crystals in 3D

The main structure is made of a very solid styrofoam and she used a homemade hot wire styroslicer to slice it although. Different patterns were cut, including a compartment where she can place all the electronics and then she used a spray glue to attach all the layers.

To create a more authentic-looking rock-like texture, she used acetone to thaw some parts of the layered styrofoam. On the video, Martina reminded that its important to ensure that there is enough ventilation just in case something goes wrong with the electronics.

Next, she drilled some holes at the top and bottom of the layer to give way to tubes that will draw out the water.

To make the layer look like more of a rock, she used exterior foam coat, which is almost the same as concrete that will make it more durable and heavier. She also suggested to place tubes where you plan to put LEDs so it won’t be too difficult to place the wires. Just use hot glue to stick the tubes in place.

As for painting the whole layer, she used a black spray paint and covered it with a medium to light gray color. She finished off the painting with a brown colorwash and, of course, she painted the bottom of the layered lake dark blue to make it more authentic once the water is there. Seal the entire layer with a clear coat to make sure everything sticks around.

RGB X junctions were also used because they're easier to work on.

Also, Martina says its advisable to use LED controllers to set the colors. Connect them and seal with heat shrink, but you’ll have to solder them to a vacuum pump and hang it from steel wire so it won’t be too noisy. It will also lessen the vibration.

Insert the wires to the tubes and glue the LED strip in place. You also need to solder the LED strips to the controller as well as the pump to a female power plug. Of course, you should glue the 3D printed crystals to the LEDs.

Lastly, you can also add some moss around the 3D printed crystals.

Cut a wood to act as a base of the layered fountain. Dab the wood with a finishing oil and you’re done!

Watch the video below and see how its done:

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