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Guy Photoshops Eminem To Make Him ‘Smile’ In Pictures

He looks like a completely different person in #12!






The name Marshall Mathers may not ring a bell, that’s because he is mostly known as Eminem. He was the first white rapper who took over pop culture in the late 90s. Eminem grabs your attention as his words crash and clash, that’s why his image has always been rather serious — but that’s about to change.

With a Facebook intro that read “make someone smile every day,” you’ll instantly know what Mike Brown’s Photoshop specialty is. He shared a collection of photos of Eminem with his signature smolder, then altered them by putting a smile on his face.

The result? Surprisingly better than the original one.















Most people know about Eminem having a hard upbringing, and that is also why people don’t really question why he looks angry in most of his pictures. It’s definitely rare to see him smile in his photoshoots and its nice that this guy has given us one of the rarest chance to see what happens if the rapper showed some teeth on his pictures.

Mike said:

“I have always manipulated faces; it’s just funny to me. I always look for new manipulations, and ways to go about it. I came across a plugin that allows Photoshop to scour the web for close matches.”

He said that he bought an app on Google Play to create some tricks on the photos. Mike shared that he uses Photoshop for editing, then followed it up with the facetime app. He also added some filters to make it appear realistic.

He shared:

“I chose Eminem because that guy never smiles! And me and my wife were laughing at the one I did initially. So I posted it by itself at first, and my sister wanted a few more because it looked so good. The rest I can’t explain lol, I woke up and there were like 32000 shares.”

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20 Movie Mistakes That Are So Obvious It’s Funny

#7 happens all the time.




If you spend a lot of time watching movies, it’s probable that you’ve caught a few bloopers and things that shouldn't have made it into the final cut. Be it an actor’s mouth not matching the dialogue, or hairstyle changing midway through a conversation, or something bigger and grander — we all have spotted those mistakes.

The movie industry is known just as much for its mistakes as it is for its successes. Here are 20 movie (and TV series) fails that are so obvious it’s funny.

1. “Gone in 60 Seconds”

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America’s Next Top Model Deaf Winner Was Given A Wheelchair By United Airlines

“Ooh a deaf person, give him a wheelchair.”




There are a lot of people who need assistance at the airport, such as those who require a wheelchair for various reasons. Nyle DiMarco, the winner of Cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model, however, is not one of those people.

The 29-year-old American model, actor, and deaf activist was was offered a wheelchair when he got off a United Airlines flight which was meant to help him get through the airport. However, Nyle can get around without assistance and was understandably unhappy with the incident.

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Kung Fu Hustle 2 Confirmed, Stephen Chow To Direct And Star

The highly anticipated sequel could take place in a new location.

Nobelle Borines



Kung Fu Hustle is one of those awesome action comedies that truly deserves a sequel. The stunning fight sequences and hilarious antics left people wanting more. Luckily, Stephen Chow says that Kung Fu Hustle 2 is definitely happening and he could return as the Buddhist Palm master Sing.

Chow confirmed that he is eager to direct the sequel to his 2004 hit. In addition to that, the Shaolin Soccer star revealed that he could make an appearance in Kung Fu Hustle 2 so fans can learn what happened to Sing and Bone after the defeat of the Axe Gang.

Chow might return as Sing in 'Kung Fu Hustle 2'.

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