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This Horse May Not Be Able To Win Any Race – But She’ll Definitely Win Your Heart!





A mare named appropriately-named Thumbelina was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest horse.

Thumbelina was born and raised in a farm owned by the Goessling family in Goose Creek Farm, St. Louis, Missouri. The Goessling family has been breeding miniature horses for at least 15 years.

Go check out the images below and be captivated by this awesome horse:

Meet Thumbelina…


Photo credit: Youtube
Look how small Thumbelina is compared to a normal horse!


The Goessling’s realized that Thumbelina will not grow any bigger than her current height after the mare stopped growing after a year. Miniature horses can grow up to 34 inches, but the cute mare only stands at 17.5 inches and weighs approximately 57 lbs.!

Standing at 17.5 inches, isn’t she cute?


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Thumbelina has to wear orthopaedic fittings from time to time to help her walk.


Photo credit: World18plusbd

She seems to have a condition known as dwarfism, making her even smaller than all miniature horses. Thumbelina has to wear orthopaedic fittings to straighten and support her legs as these are not proportional to her head and body. This allows the spirited ‘mini-mini’ (as the Goessling’s call her) to run and play with other animals.

She’s even smaller than this dog!


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UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, San Francisco


Photo credit: Heather Hoover

Thumbelina is also involved in charity works; she has been on tour across the United States, visiting thousands of children in clinics and hospitals. The kids really adore her!

At the Toledo Blade Children’s Hospital


Photo credit: The Blade

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