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Catasaurus Rex! Meet Pickles the Gigantic Cat Who is as Big as a Dog!





Cats are beautiful, graceful animals that seem to enjoy sneaking inside boxes and sleeping at the porch. They have a generally great temperament; though there are some who are reportedly nasty even without any provocation.

A lot of people prefer cats over dogs, especially because they are easier to have around the house and they don’t make a lot of noise.

Now, cats are often small animals but there are large breeds that could grow as big as dogs! Take Pickles, for example. This cat is so huge he is now being dubbed as the “Catasaurus Rex”!

That’s a large cat!


Isn’t he a lovely baby?


Because he got too large, his previous owners discarded him. He lived in the streets for a long time but was eventually rescued. At the shelter, some 50 people signed up to become his new owners but couple Andrew Milicia and Emily Zarvos was the luckiest.

Emily and Pickles


Andrew and Pickles


They brought the tabby home and it found a favorite spot in their home: inside their closet! LOL. They had to place objects outside the closet door so he won’t be able to get in but by the time they arrive home, he would already be curled up among their clothes.

Pickles enjoying his new home


Pickles is also a bit clumsy, owing to his gigantic size but he is such a lovable cat that the couple does not mind his clumsiness at all.



Have you seen a cat as large as Pickles?


He weighs 21 lbs and stands 3 feet tall!


Watch the video:

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