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Woman Makes It Her Life’s Mission To Save Neglected Animals. Now She Has 160+ Pets!




  • Adri Rachelle, founder of non-profit Wild Things Sanctuary, currently has more than 160 pets.
  • She specifically cares for neglected animals, aiming to provide them a “safe place to heal.”
  • According to her, helping animals has given her life a purpose.

Saying Adri Rachelle loves animals is probably an understatement. She’s definitely more than a pet lover. In fact, she has made it her life’s mission to rescue neglected animals.

Adri founded Wild Things Sancturary to help out and care for unwanted animals – from cats and dogs, to cows and birds, to horses and snakes, and everything else in between!

In an interview, Adri shared:

“It became clear to me that this wasn’t a hobby for me, it had been the story of my life since I was a child and I wanted to officially choose it as my life’s primary focus.“

“Animals that are broken and in danger have always seemed to cross my path and knowing that I’m offering them a safe place to heal gives my life a purpose and that reward far outweighs all of the time, money, and sadness running an animal sanctuary can bring,” she also added.

Of course, watching over 160 animals at the same time isn’t all fun and games as food and veterinary care can be very expensive.

Adri explained:

“The feed bills average $1,300 a month. Vet care fluctuates greatly but on a yearly basis, we can generally predict about $10,000. Setting up the sanctuary over the last year has cost around $50,000 in materials.”

Despite the challenges, Adri says it’s all worth it as she gets to spend quality time with her beloved friends.

“I receive their affection, smile at their joy, laugh at their antics, and reciprocate their love all day long,“ she remarked. “If I wanted to only meet their basic needs, food, water, cage cleaning, I could be done within a few hours and walk through those steps in my sleep at this point, but that is never what I want.”

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