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Shocking Video Shows Fake Eggs Are Still Being Produced And Sold





Asian egg consumers first became aware of the dangers of fake eggs sold in markets when the discovery surfaced in Malaysia back in 2011. News and multiple social media platforms then started to teach buyers how to identify phony chicken eggs from the real ones.

But since the fake egg phenomenon has slowly died down, consumers seemed to have forgotten about it. However, a shocking video seemingly confirmed that fake eggs are still being produced and sold.

Since dishonest producers know that most consumers love a good deal, they take this as an opportunity to trick them by selling much cheaper goods they couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, these producers or sellers are not doing these huge price cuts for your benefit. They are actually handing you a potentially dangerous to your health while you pay them your hard-earned money.

A concerned netizen posted two videos on Facebook, warning everyone to be careful of buying eggs in the market.

The first video showed two employees, packing eggs from a metal basin and transferring them toegg-shaped plastic containers. Although the clip was disgusting and alarming, some commenters pointed out that those were slime toys, and one netizen even posted a photo of the actual product.

While the revelation was a relief, the second video is not as promising. It showed a woman cracking and frying a fake egg, warning people that these dangerous products are still out there.

The fake egg was very obvious as it looked more like a toy egg than the real one. And according to the woman, it took her 15 minutes to cook one egg when it usually only takes more or less five minutes.

Although most of the comments are from people who were worried and mad that this is happening, some were skeptical of the authenticity of the clip. One commenter even said that the woman might be an ex-employee of the company and wanted revenge.

Fake or not, these videos are reminders for all of us to be extra careful with buying our groceries.

Watch the videos here:

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