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Vision Test: Whose Face Appear In This Photo? Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?





Many people claim that they have good eyesight, or if not, they boast know how well they know their vision abilities. But we think seeing this video will doubt anyone’s knowledge of their own eyesight. This is a simple science test that can help determine how well our eyes see on different distances.

It is a really fun test that involves identifying whose face appears on the computer screen. The face you see will determine how well your eyes could perform. We recommend that you take this test with your family and friends, so you could compare and maybe have a fun and friendly debate!

Take the test here:

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So, how good (or bad) is your eyesight? We are sure you and your friends and family had a blast taking the test! Because who would have thought that with such simple and fun science, our vision can be determined? Let us know how well you did in the comment box below. We’d love to know!

Credits: AsapScience

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