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This Lone Marine Salutes For 3 Hours To Pay Tribute To Rolling Thunder Bikers





In a day and time when patriotism is considered by many as a passé concept, one man stands tall and proudly maintains his ground – for a period of 3 hours or beyond.

Retired Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers has earned the nickname the “Saluting Marine” for his unusual way of paying tribute to the “veterans and patriots riding our prisoners of war and missing in action in support of Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C.,” his website tells us.

Chambers began with this idea back in 2002 and he has been doing his iconic salute since even when the weather gets a little unfavorable for him. In the video below, you will see him standing straight in the middle of the street to honor the bikers despite the scorching sun.

Former Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers is known to many as the “Saluting Marine.”

lone marine veteran salute 1

Source: FOX

This, of course, is amazing in itself considering that Chambers actually has a broken wrist.

Jenifer Philips, resident of Virginia Beach, said:

“He just gave me chills. Like yeah, I’m impressed. I can’t believe he’s out there.”

U.S. Air Force Msgt. Russ Ware, meanwhile, commented:

“To hold a salute that long, takes a lot of determination. It takes a lot of discipline. And this guy does it every year.”

And Chambers is determined to continue paying respect, year in and year out.

Chambers stands for 3 to 5 hours to show his respects for fellow veterans.

lone marine veteran salute 5

Source: FOX

“They zoom by me and I get an eyeball at them. I’m trying to give every one of them the welcome they didn’t get,” he explained.

“I’m trying to give every one of them the welcome they didn’t get,” Chambers said.

lone marine veteran salute 6

Source: FOX

Asked about why he does it in the first place, the lone marine only uttered:

“I am doing this because America needs to see it and I want them to emulate that in any way they can across country.”

Watch the video report about Tim Chambers here:

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Needless to say, countless netizens have expressed admiration for the veteran.

lone marine veteran salute 4

Source: FOX

Naturally, netizens from across the world couldn’t help but express admiration for the veteran.

SupaSpartan Gaming wrote:

“Huge respect to SSgt Tim Chambers Ret. Thank you for serving our country!”

Ormi Ader commented:

“What a brave man. He is brave example to entire America and rest of the world.”

Nancy May Jefferson, on the other hand, added:

“The tears wont stop. God Bless this giant of a man!”

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