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Ronda Rousey Gets Knocked Down During UFC Match With Underdog Holly Holm





This is totally unbelievable.

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, considered by many as the most dangerous female fighter in the UFC, has just lost to underdog Holly Holm.

After the 2-round match, Holm was officially proclaimed as the bantamweight champion after she defeated Rousey during UFC 193 on November 15, 2015 at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The bout was attended by a record attendance of 56,214 fans.

Despite being aggressive, Rousey failed to connect most of her punches against her opponent.

ronda-rousey-holly-holm 1

Naturally, everyone was shocked as they witnessed Holm destroy the former champion from the first round to the next. Despite being skilled in Judo, Rousey proved to be a no match for Holm, a boxer-kickboxer turned MMA fighter.

A devastating kick on the head by Holm eventually ended the match.

ronda-rousey-holly-holm 2

Holm showed excellent footwork, maintaining her distance with Rousey for the most part while ferociously attacking her every chance she got. All the training eventually paid off as she was able to connect several punches and kicks to her opponent. Eventually, Holm landed a solid kick to Rousey’s head which ultimately brought down the obviously exhausted champion.

Rousey was immediately taken to the hospital following the two-round bout.

ronda-rousey-holly-holm 3

During her October 7 interview with Jimmy Falllon of The Tonight Show, it seemed Rousey has accurately predicted her downfall as she said Holm is her “biggest threat” so far. According to her, she’s expecting Holm to “keep far away from me and keep me frustrated to a point where I’ll make a mistake and she’ll try to kick me in the head – but it’s not going to go like that.”

Strangely, that’s exactly what happened during the fight.

Congratulations, Holly Holm, for the well-deserved victory!

ronda-rousey-holly-holm 4

To Holm’s credit, she did not only manage to defeat the most dominating fighter of the sport but crushed her hard and made her look like an amateur. Some are comparing the fight to the Mayweather-Pacquiao “Fight of the Century” but we’re inclined to disagree. Besides, Mayweather couldn’t deliver a knockout like Holm just did.

You can watch the entire fight here:

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H/T: WashingtonPost, DailyMail

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