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UFC Star Conor McGregor Builds Houses For Homeless Families





Conor McGregor has that kind of personality that you would either love him or completely hate him — there is no middle ground. However, despite his loud mouth and rough behavior, the UFC star proved that he actually is a good guy deep inside.

McGregor has revealed he is building houses for a number of homeless families in Dublin, Ireland. He recently visited the construction site and talked with some of the development workers as he checked the project’s progress and even met some local residents.

Like many sporting superstars who reach the elite level, McGregor enjoys displaying how much wealth he has on social media. So it is refreshing to see him showcase his act of generosity through images of the project.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Back on the site today, it has been a while. This is my first property development. We have 8 homes here closing in on finish. 3 bedroom houses, designated for families that currently reside in hotels around the capital, without a home to call their own.”

McGregor added that it gives him so much pride thinking that one day when everything is all done, there will be families living in these houses. He then ended his post with, “Ireland forever! Ireland first! Ireland always!”

Social media users were quick to praise McGregor’s incredible gesture amid the worsening homelessness crisis in Ireland’s capital.

Meanwhile, the Irishman’s last fight in the Octagon was Khabib Nurmagomedov in October, where the Russian professional mixed martial artist stripped him off from his lightweight champion title. McGregor already “retired” twice. And just like the first one, he also took the second decision back.

It feels like McGregor has been in the press for all the wrong reasons as the years have gone by, most notably for his involvement in the bus attack at UFC 223. Still, this project he posted on Instagram is certainly admirable.

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