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Robert Downey Jr. Posing As Pin-Up Girls Is Just What The Internet Needs Right Now

Disturbing yet alluring. Bravo!

Robert Downey Jr is an inspiration to many. Not only is he one of the brightest, highest-paid Hollywood stars of our day but the story of his rise to fame is just amazing. The Iron Man actor is a living proof that, much like the Marvel superhero he portrays, it is possible to constantly improve and reinvent yourself, despite life’s struggles and difficulties.

If you’re following him on social media, you know RDJ is a celebrity who never takes himself too seriously. Case in point, he often shares memes made by his fans!

Well we do not doubt he will share these pics as well once he gets to encounter them online.

Well we do not doubt he will share these pics as well once he gets to encounter them online. We found this thread on Imgur and we couldn’t help but have a good laugh. I mean who could ignore Robert Downey Jr Photoshopped posing as pin up girls, right?

Like we said, we’re sure RDJ himself will reshare these images if he ever sees them. Go check out the photos below and see for yourself:


Understandably, netizens have a lot to say about the photos.

One netizen wrote:

“I actually think RDJ would enjoy this almost as much as I did.”

Another said:

“That’s certainly on the list of things I didn’t know I needed in my life.”

While someone commented:

“Disturbing, yet alluring. Bravo!”

These images totally made our day and if there’s one thing that would make the experience better, we’d definitely like to know who the artist (or artists?) behind these Photoshop.

So far, we only know the RDJ pin-up girls photos have been posted on Imgur by a user under the name Paperkut and the images have also made rounds on social media after being shared by 9GAG.


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