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Rich Man Forgives Fishmonger Who Bumped His Sports Car Even If He Offered To Pay For It





Today, a lot of issues regarding inequality bombard our daily lives. The clear line between the rich and the poor has taken a toll on the harmonious relationships of human beings.

In some cases, however, touching stories show that love, compassion, and care between the rich and the poor are still there. These events prove that money isn’t everything.

A poor couple accidentally bumped and scratched a Lamborghini driven by a millionaire in Thailand's Nonthaburi Province.

Source: Good Times

A Fishmonger couple’s old car got involved in a vehicular accident, as they accidentally “kissed” the front part of the expensive sports car.

The couple nearly fainted upon knowing how much the damage would cost them.

Source: Good Times

They would have to work hard to repair the damage their car incurred and worse, the Lamborghini’s damage would cost them years of hard work.

However, the millionaire's heart is no stone.

Source: Good Times
While the fishmonger apologized and asked to pay the damage in installments, the rich man waived the payment.

Source: Good Times

Upon learning that the couple did not buy any insurance for their car, he did not want any more trouble and told them not to pay him for the damages caused by the accident.

The rich man asked the couple to just donate 3,000 Thai Baht ($92.25) to a temple in the area.

The couple promised to donate to the temple in the rich man's name.

Source: Good Times

Many netizens were touched by the rich man’s generosity and kindness. These kind of stories are worth reading and sharing, as it exemplifies that genuine kindness can be found anywhere, even in simple acts and incidents.

What can you say about the inspiring story?

Source: Good Times

Truly, we are still blessed that despite the heartbreaking stories we hear about rich people looking down on less fortunate ones, there are still some who have a kind heart and genuine concerns for others.

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