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Woman Marries Online Boyfriend Of 10 Months And Discovers He’s A Millionaire

He kept it a secret to test her – and she passed!


Online relationships are getting more and more common these days. However, there are still a lot of people, especially family members and friends of the one involved, who are highly skeptical of the untraditional romance.

Many wondered if the person on the other side of the screen is really being real and transparent, or do they keep a lot of secrets? For one Vietnamese woman, she discovered that her online boyfriend was keeping a huge secret and she only found out his true identity after they decided to get married.

Just like the rest of us, Nguyen Van Anh also wanted to meet the perfect person for her. Despite having a successful career after graduating from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2015, she still feels that she wanted more in life — and that is to find the man of her dreams.

While scanning through the Facebook page of her idol back in May 2016, a vague image of a man in the background caught Van Anh’s attention. In fact, she was so curious about him that she messaged her idol, asking to be introduced to the mysterious guy.

The man’s name is Dang Tuan. And although he’s not really close to Van Anh’s idol, the latter gave in to the woman’s request and connected them on social media. Tuan messaged Van Anh back, and they quickly formed a connection and romance eventually bloomed for the pair.

Although Van Anh was in Hanoi, Vietnman and Dang Tuan was living and working in Russia, they didn’t let their distance ruin their blossoming relationship.

After ten months of dating online, Tuan, who is not one to boast about his achievements, asked Van Anh to marry him and she said yes.

Unsurprisingly, Van Anh’s mother was not pleased with her daughter’s relationship choice. She claimed Van Anh would regret dating someone she met online, most especially because they hadn’t really known each other for that long.

But Tuan was ready to prove his love for Van Anh and traveled all the way to Vietnam to seek permission from her parents. And after some more convincing, the couple finally got the parents’ blessings to marry.

Van Anh and Tuan then began their wedding preparations and that’s when the young woman discovered her fiance’s secret — he’s a millionaire! Despite having talked for months, it was only when they were in Russia planning their wedding that she learned that the humble guy she met online is actually a crazy rich general manager of a fashion brand.

Tuan later admitted that he didn’t mention anything about his wealth to Van Anh to know if she will love him for who he is and not for his money — Van Anh certainly passed that test.

Van Anh and Tuan got married in April last year in a five-star hotel in Hanoi. They now live in Russia.


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