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3 Reasons Why Commercial Airplanes Are Usually Colored White

Have you ever been curious as to why commercial planes are usually white?


You may have read on the reason behind airplane windows not aligned with the seats or why they are oval-shaped and not square-shaped. But have you ever wondered why you never see colorful commercial airplanes flying up in the sky?

If you’re curious enough to have asked such a question in your life, then the answers have finally arrived. And there are three reasons why white should be the primary color for airplanes and it has something to do with physics, safety, and financial reasons.

The color white provides a thermal advantage.

Just like your white shirt, the color white can be an advantage for planes when it comes to reflecting sunlight or heat. Other colors are great at absorbing light but not white, so the color prevents the airplane from overheating. In addition, the plane cools down faster when it stays on the ground following a flight.

The color white is used for safety purposes.

When maintenance personnel does the routine checking of the airplane, it would be easier for them to spot any cracks on the fuselage. The color also easily reveals oil leak spots and corrosion marks.

White is also an excellent color for visual purposes in the unfortunate event that the airplane crash landed into a body of water. Darker colors, on the other hand, tend to fade over time due to the conditions of the atmosphere.

Painting can be expensive; white planes have high resale value.

Painting a plane is nothing like painting a fence. The job takes a lot of time and resources to finish. It is said that finishing the paintwork on a commercial airplane could take up to a week and imagine if it had colors other than white. Not to mention, more paint translates to added weight. Airline companies would want to avoid that cost as much as possible. More importantly, white airplanes tend to cost more when being put up for resale compared to colored ones.


Russia Wants to Build a Five-Star Hotel on the International Space Station by 2022

It’s certainly targeted towards the one-percenter.

With the hospitality industry in an intense competition and when it seems that there's nothing more to improve on the concept of luxury hotels, here comes Russia with a VERY ambitious plan - a five-star hotel ON THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION.

Yes, you read that correctly. Russia wants to welcome space tourists on the ISS by 2022 and Russian space agency Roscosmos has already started looking at plans for the structure. They want the 'luxury orbital suite' to have four private cabins complete with personal portholes which the tourists can use to look down on Earth while aboard.

The luxury structure will resemble the Science and Power Module.

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Robot Teaches Itself Chess in Just 4 Hours Then Beats A Grandmaster With New Moves

Some of its winning moves have never been seen in all those 1500 years of humans playing chess.

As technology advances, the possibility of robots taking over are becoming a scary and realistic possibility. Developments in artificial intelligence are astonishing, designed to do tasks that normally require human intelligence. One of the greatest fears when it comes to AI is that it may become so sophisticated and complex that they can go out of control and their creators may no longer be able to control it.

The recent achievement of an AI computer program called AlphaZero has both astounded and worried experts. See, AlphaZero has taught itself chess in just four hours and with that was able to beat a grandmaster, another AI system called Stockfish 8, in a 100-game marathon.

AlphaZero was given the rules of the game and instructions to attempt to win by playing against itself.

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Edward Snowden’s New App Transforms Your Smartphone Into Powerful Surveillance Device

This app can help keep your laptops and other devices safe when they are left behind your home, office, or hotel room.

Edward Snowden is perhaps best remembered by many as the NSA whistleblower. Recently, he’s been making headlines once again upon introducing an interesting new app for smartphones.

According to Snowden, Haven can turn your standard Android smartphone into a tiny security system aimed at physically protecting your valuable data. The said app can detect environment changes around a device via a motion tracker feature which will then send alerts to the user.

Haven is an app that can help ensure the safety of your data from both hacking and stealing.

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