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Real Life Pinocchio: A Baby Born With Brain Growing into his Nose

He was born different but loved. A real life Pinocchio, he is a wonderful blessing.


Ollie Trezise born in Maesteg, Wales has an uncommon situation where in his brain grows through his nose from a crack in his skull.

His mother, Amy Poole said; “He is my little real-life Pinocchio and I couldn’t be prouder of him.”
The sac grows and becomes more visible as he grows. According to Amy Poole, Ollie Trezise is wonderful despite being different. She hopes that his son will not be bullied when he grows up.

She first discovered her son’s condition during her 20th week check – up.


Photo credit: HotSpot Media
Doctor’s found out that there is a soft tissue developing in his face.


Photo credit: HotSpot Media
After birth of Ollie, an MRI scan diagnosed that he has Encephalocele.


Photo credit: HotSpot Media

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “Encephalocele is described as a sac – like protrusion or projection of the brain and the membranes that cover it come through an opening in the skull. Encephalocele happens when the neural tube does not close completely during pregnancy.”

There are lots of operations Ollie Trezise needs to undergo in the future.


Photo credit: HotSpot Media

He needs to be operated to help him breathe and open his nasal passageway. The surgery will prevent him from getting infections or meningitis.

Ollie underwent his first operation in November of 2014.


Photo credit: HotSpot Media

The doctors successfully removed the sac of brain fluid and reconstruct his nose. Ollie’s case is very rare, he needs to be monitored regularly and be observed for development through the years.

Amy Poole is not pleased by the insensitive and hurtful comments of other people.


Photo credit: HotSpot Media

According to Poole “Once, a woman told me I should never have given birth to him.” She said.
Some cruel strangers say “he is ugly and should never have been born.” Said Poole.

Despite how other people view his son, Amie Poole said “To me, Ollie is perfect.”


Photo credit: HotSpot Media


Photo credit: HotSpot Media

Amy Poole said “Ollie is a unique, clever, funny little boy and he amazes me everyday. He is my special little Pinocchio, and I will never stop loving him.”

You can watch the video here:

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