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Rattlesnake Crawls Up Into This Guy’s Lap, But He Managed To Keep His Calm





Playing around with snakes isn’t something that most people would willingly do, especially when it involves venomous species. For YouTube presenter Nick Bishop, or “Nick the Wrangler,” searching for North America’s most dangerous venomous snake species, the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, is a must so he can study it and probably have something to show to his audience.

While he was taking a break after a futile search, one just came up to him and even got close to him more than it should. The good thing is that the camera kept rolling to capture all of it.

YouTuber Nick the Wrangler was searching for rattlesnakes, when one decided to show up next to him.

Nick remained calm but the venomous viper decided to check him out a bit.

As Nick wrote in the video description:

“I heard a rustle in the brush next to me. I take a better look to see an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake crawling towards me, so I just sat there as still as possible.”

The rattlesnake even crawled up into his lap.

Nick thought that the snake would leave him alone, but instead, the viper stopped to check him out.

“I tried to get him to keep moving but he rushed up onto my lap. This was a very close call.”

One would not dare play around with a rattlesnake like that.

Although one would think Nick’s experience was terrifyingly crazy, the presenter was trying to make a point.

“This just proves that Rattlesnakes are not out to harm us. They only bite as a last resort. Their venom is for hunting, it is valuable to them and they only use it when needed.”

Check out the scary moment when Nick the Wrangler has a close encounter with an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake.

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