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Her Husband Left Her with a Baby and a Mortgage. Then Strangers Do This in Her Home.





The stress that results from being pregnant can be overwhelming, but Amanda did not seem to mind this because she knows that her husband will always be there to support her. She also knows how excited her husband is. After all, they have waited for years for this baby. “This will be a good year,” she says to herself as she caresses her baby bump. Soon, the baby will be born and the child is going to be raised in a wonderful house that she and her husband just bought…this will be “home.”

Until one day, Amanda’s husband just decided to leave her.

She’s already 36-weeks pregnant, and she’s alone. Now, Amanda is reconsidering all her plans, including what to do with the newly remodeled house that she and her husband still had the mortgage to pay off. Where would she get the money that she needs to cover for his share of expenses? This, on top of the emotional pain that she’s experiencing from the abandonment, left Amanda devastated.

One day, she and her friend were invited to KIIS 1065, a radio station based in Sydney. She had no idea why they asked her to be there, but I think she’s grateful that she came. You might want to get some tissue before you watch the video below.

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