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Woman Risks Life To Rescue Beer Kegs During Storm In Australia




  • An Australian woman made it to the news when she jumped into raging waters during a storm to save beer kegs.
  • The rescue was filmed by 7News and the video immediately made rounds on the internet, attracting different reactions from netizens.

A woman from Queensland, Australia recently made headlines after being spotted saving beer kegs during a storm. The unusual act has been captured on camera and, not surprisingly, the video has attracted a lot of attention on social media.

According to reports, several areas in Queensland and New South Wales have been hit by flooding because of heavy rainfall.

Apparently, the extreme weather wasn’t enough to stop this woman from risking her life. All to save some beer kegs!

As seen on the video that later circulated online, the woman didn’t hesitate to jump right into ocean waters to make the daring rescue.

A crew from 7news saw and filmed how the woman braved waist-deep rushing waters, even tipping over a bit. But she was determined and still successfully completed the mission at hand despite the harsh weather conditions.

Eventually, she was interviewed by the news crew and she just told them:

“There is nothing like the ocean. It’s pretty spectacular.”

Not surprisingly, netizens had mixed reactions about what she did. While some commenters praised her for being a “true hero,” others called the stunt “ridiculous” and “irresponsible” because she placed herself in harm’s way.

In a report by Yahoo News, we read:

“South East Queensland has been inundated with rain for about four days with some areas along the Gold Coast receiving more than 800mm.

“The Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club has been almost completely enveloped by king tides sweeping across the coastline… On Monday, people were seen scrambling to protect the club from being damaged and trying to stop loose items from floating away.

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