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Asian Woman Who Was Robbed, Dragged By Car Has Message For Her Attackers: “I Forgive You”




  • A woman of Asian descent has recently been robbed and dragged by a vehicle.
  • The incident happened in broad daylight, much to the shock of bystanders.
  • Meanwhile, Clarisse, the victim, wants her attackers to know that she forgives them.

A woman who has been robbed and dragged by a car has a surprising message for her attackers: “Know that you’re loved.”

The victim, who is only known as Clarisse, was on her way home with a friend after attending Church last Sunday when three men approached her and grabbed her handbag.

Clarisse held her purse tight but the crooks were determined and punched her thrice in the face. They later escaped with the bag but she hung on the edge of their vehicle and was dragged on the street as they rushed away. The incident resulted to Clarisse having cuts, scrapes, and bruises on different parts of her body. Bystanders rushed to help the 33-year-old victim.

Benjamin Freemantle, who witnessed everything from the fourth floor of a building and managed to record it on film, said:

“It’s just a really a sad day for San Francisco. I was like more in disbelief that someone in the middle of the day, on a sunny Sunday, on a busy street, had the audacity to just jump these women who were just minding their own business.”

Despite of what happened, the woman from San Francisco has a message for the attackers:

“Know that you’re loved, know people are there to help you. I know it’s hard now but we need to get back and have people in work and school so they are predictively occupied and don’t feel like they need to do things.

“Kids, I forgive you…I really hope and pray you guys will get what you need out of life but not in a way that’s criminal.”

Watch the video report here:

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Investigations are currently ongoing and authorities are trying to determine if it was a hate crime or not.

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