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Progreso Port in Yucatan Mexico, the Longest Pier in the World

The world’s longest port looks like a bridge from above.

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Progreso is a port city in Yucatan, Mexico and it boasts of the longest pier in the planet. Made of reinforced concrete, it is 6.5 kilometers extending out into the Gulf of Mexico. From another angle, the pier can pass as a bridge because of its length. Unlike most piers, Progreso is unusually long to allow large cargo ships to dock in the area since the Yucatan coast is pretty shallow. The passengers disembark at the far end and just take a shuttle or a taxi to town.

Progreso Port as photographed by NASA.

The port looks like a long bridge when viewed from above.

Constructed between the years 1937 and 1941, the pier was originally 2,100 meters long and was built to replace a wooden pier made in the beginning of the last century. An additional 4,000 meters was added in 1988 to the original to increase the cargo and container vessels handling capacity of the pier which was very much needed.

The port at daytime.

Source: Wikipedia
Yeah, it looks like Progreso Pier goes on and on and on and on…

Source: Nick Normal

The longest pier is also the very first concrete structure that was built using nickel-containing stainless steel reinforcement. To us normal people, it sounds gibberish but to those in the engineering industry it is poor grade so to have a pier that can stay that long is beyond astonishing. It has continued to “serve” people for over 70 years without having any major repairs done to it.

It's a busy day at the port.

Source: Yolisto

Several structural engineers have made Progreso Pier as a teaching example of the importance of the choice of rebar material as well as the consequences of using different materials during construction. A nearby pier that is 200 meters away, and just 20 years newer, is heavily deteriorated and in dire need of major reconstruction. This pier made use of carbon steel rebar as its material.

The pier is 6.5km long, allowing cargo and cruise ships to dock in Yucatan….

Source: Youtube
Even if it may seem like it’s still in the middle of the sea.

If you’re planning to travel to Mexico anytime soon, include the Porogreso Port in your itinerary.



A Glimpse of Ivan the Terrible’s Fortress, the Island Town of Sviyazhsk in Russia

The island town of Sviyazhsk is a monument of Russian history and culture, but what prompted the creation of this tiny island town?

Mich Escultura



The 1500s was a trying time for the Russians. Ruled then by Ivan the Terrible, he led several campaigns against Kazan. So what was Kazan's beef with Russia? Well, the Khanates (whose capital is Kazan) has been at war with Muscovites (Ivan's army) for hundreds of years. Their main problem is that both of them want to own Kazan, which has a strategic location on the Volga River. But since the Khanates inhabited Kazan, they pretty much blocked Ivan's forces from passing through there out onto the Caspian Sea.

Ivan led many campaigns against Kazan, but they couldn't seize the city. Until one day Ivan's troops found a little wooded island around 30 kilometers from Kazan. He came up with the idea to create a base near Kazan to make it easier to launch attacks against the city.

Sviyazhsk was initially uninhabited until Ivan the Terrible stumbled upon it in 1550.

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The Grim History of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice

Who would have thought that this iconic Venetian bridge had such a rich, yet tragic history?

Mich Escultura



The Bridge of Sighs is known to some as the Ponte sei Sospiri, and it's one of the most famous bridges in Venice. The beautiful bridge sits atop the Rio di Palazzo canal in Venice, and is made with intricately carved white limestone with tiny latticed windows.

It was built in 1600 to connect the Doge's Palace to the newly established prison at the time called the Prigioni Nuove.

The Bridge of Sighs is a famous landmark in Venice...

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This Magnificent White Beach in Tuscany Hides A Very Dark Secret

Beach-goers become victims to tumors and high mortality rates because of this dark secret.

Dondi Tiples



Rosignano Solvay is a tourist haven. This southern Tuscany area boasts of brilliant white sand beaches that attract thousands of visitors every year. Little do they know, the glorious Caribbean-like white sands they frolic on actually hides a dark secret.

This picturesque Italian town’s main tourist attraction is its seemingly beautiful coastline of sparkling sand locals call Spiagge Bianche.

However, the stunning stretch of beach isn’t a wonder of nature at all.

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