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Husband Reveals Secret Why His Wife Remains Pretty After 10 Years Of Marriage

Husband reveals the secret of his attractive wife to his envious classmates.


The high school reunion is one of the most awaited events after graduation. It’s the time for former classmates to reunite and share their successes in life. For Billy and Kevin, it’s the time to share how their lives went after they went their separate ways.

Kevin and Billy were good friends during their high school time. Both men had been married for ten years. Because they lived separate lives and had been busy with their careers, they lost contact. When they learned about the reunion, they decided to attend the party. They also brought their wives along.

During the party, everyone, including Kevin, was surprised when Billy brought his wife.

She’s attractive, beautiful and young-looking.

Kevin was surprised at how beautiful Billy’s wife was and felt curious about it. He said to Billy, “Wow! Your wife is so beautiful!” to which Billy proudly replied while looking at his wife: “Indeed, she is very beautiful to me.”

“You guys totally look like newlyweds. How long have you been married?” Kevin asked Billy.

He was guessing that Billy had just got married recently seeing how romantic and presentable they were as a couple when they first arrived at the reunion party. They were holding hands and teased each other like a newly married couple.

“We have been married for 10 years.”

Billy’s casual reply surprised Kevin. “No way! You guys look like as if you just got married recently! I have to admit that I have also been married for 10 years, just like you, but look at my wife. She does not look like she used to before. Unlike me, you are so lucky to have a gorgeous wife,” Kevin said.

“Well, at least my wife has been a good wife and mother to my children. Looking at your wife, I am sure you have hired a housekeeper to help her do all the house chores, right?” Kevin asked Billy.

Billy laughed when he heard Kevin’s assumption and so he replied: “No, you are wrong. My wife may look like she has not done anything at our home but believe me, she is the best when it comes to managing our household. Plus, our daughter looks exactly like her.”

Kevin was shocked, and he couldn’t believe how Billy’s wife stayed attractive and young-looking, despite the fact that she managed the household and did all the chores.

Unsatisfied with Billy’s answer, Kevin asked further. “But why does my wife look so different than your wife?”

Billy calmly revealed the secret to why his wife is still attractive despite being the housekeeper.

Source: Pixabay

“I remember her favorite food, her hobbies and I could even guess what she wants to say before she even finishes her sentences.

I tied her shoelace when it comes loose. I will give her a quick massage when she is too tired. Sometimes, I buy fruits that she likes on my way going back home.

I never forget to kiss her forehead before I go to work and I will always pick her up from the market if it is raining. She knows that it is better for her to spend her money on her family, so she rarely buys herself new clothes but since I know her size, I will make sure to buy her new clothes every month.

Are you like me? What have you done to your wife so far?”

Kevin’s face turned red as he listened to Billy as he suddenly recalled how highly he thought of himself when he was with his wife at home.

Kevin recalled how he always scolded her over petty things and mistakes.

Recently, they got into a fight when he found out his wife bought a $50 sweater which he thought was expensive and unnecessary.

Not to mention that he had never done anything like Billy did to his wife. Billy further explained:

“You don’t have to wait for special occasions to say how much you love your wife. The secret is they don’t really want to be spoiled with diamonds and flowers. All they want is our sincere and love.”

“Our wives may be a full-time housewives but that does not mean that we could just let her do all the house chores. Marriage is not a one-way commitment. No wonder your wife looks exhausted,”

Billy hoped that Kevin realized how much his wife had been sacrificing for their family, at the expense of her happiness and needs.

Kevin learned a lot from his friend that night. Billy’s words touched his heart. He never tried to look from his wife’s perspective. He never thought about his wife’s needs and feelings because he only thought of himself. All this time, he only wanted his wife to serve him and their family. He feels entitled to all the attention and care since he was the one working for the family.

However, what he did not realize is, his wife is exhausted with all of the chores at home, taking care of the kids. She sacrificed the things that made her happy – and buying new things for her would even lead to a fight.

Kevin realized that it was time for him to change and be a good husband to his wife like Billy.

Marriage is a two-way street.

Each one should compromise and become sensitive to the needs of the other. Remember, happiness in the marriage will reflect in how a woman looks – contented, beautiful and fulfilled.

Now, Kevin promised to be a good husband to his wife, thanks to Billy’s advice.


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