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PowerUp’s Head-Controlled Paper Airplane Drone Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today!

This definitely looks like a fun toy to play with.

We all grew up making and playing with paper airplanes but how many of us have fancied flying on an actual paper plane? Probably all of us, right? Well, here’s a new technology that brings you close to that experience.

This upcoming invention from the genius guys over at PowerUp Toys is absolutely worth a look.

Of course, you may have already heard about PowerUp as the company that created the PowerUp 3.0, a smartphone controlled paper airplane which made more than a million dollars raised by over 21,000 backers over at Kickstarter.

This time, PowerUp took their paper plane fascination a notch higher by teaming up with Parrot to design a paper airplane drone that combines motor technology and live streaming camera.

Ladies and gentlemen, the PowerUp FPV!

Basically, the idea here is to turn your ordinary paper airplane…

powerup-paper-airplane 1

Photo credit: PowerUp Toys
… Into something totally high-tech!

powerup-paper-airplane 2

Photo credit: PowerUp Toys
With drone tech installed, you can then pilot the plane using your smartphone…

powerup-paper-airplane 3

Photo credit: PowerUp Toys
Or you can control it with your head movements using a Google Cardboard.

powerup-paper-airplane 4

Photo credit: PowerUp Toys

Sure, you won’t get to strap a paper plane on your back or ride on top of one. But with the wide-view camera mounted on the plane, you get to experience what it’s like to enjoy virtual reality flight. And that’s pretty cool!

You can watch the video here:

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According to the video, the PowerUp guys will be launching another Kickstarter for this one come November. So make sure to check with them often for updates.

H/T: Pixable



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Catalin Alexandru Duru — an inventor from Montreal, Canada — stunned everyone earlier this year when he invented a hoverboard that could actually fly.

Duru's hoverboard clearly outperformed the much-hyped Lexus hoverboard, which didn't really fly.

As Chris Burns wrote in his review on SlashGear, "The (Lexus hoverboard) is indeed hovering, but it's only hovering in one direction." He added: "The good news is, this board hovers. The bad news is — it doesn't do much other than that, in a straight line, only in one place."...

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Innovative Filipinos Invent an Ingenious Lamp Using Salt and Water

Aside from being a lamp, it can also be used as a powerbank; it has an emergency port where you can plug in smartphones using USB cables.


In times when renewable energy sources are of great importance, this ingenious invention is just what we need.

Invented by Filipino siblings Aisa and Ralph Mijeno with the help of Engineer Joeffrey Firas, the lamp consists of a plastic bottle, water, and some salt. Using only a glass of water and two tablespoons of a salt, a single lamp can provide eight hours of light. The lamp can also be powered with seawater, which is convenient especially for those living near coastal areas.

The lamp uses water and salt to produce light.


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