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Popular Chinese Living Doll Takes Makeup Off And Reveals Real Face





Some people took their obsession with dolls to the next level and became one themselves. Some resorted to plastic surgery, and others relied on the power of makeup and Photoshop.

While most of these living dolls would never dare show their real face, one Chinese woman, who became popular for looking like a doll, bravely took off her makeup. After revealing her real face, her fans were utterly shocked by what they saw.

Kina Shen gained over 700,000 followers on Instagram and over 26,000 subscribers on YouTube for being a living doll. However, her style is much different from other real-life dolls who wear pink, fluffy, and cute outfits.

In fact, it appears that Kina Shen is steering away from that concept, and wears more daring ensembles that are mostly black. She’s also not afraid of showing off some skin, unlike other living dolls who wear layered outfits.

Her cute face, slim figure, and unique taste in fashion made her an instant social media sensation. But does she really look like this in real life?

Kina Shen already confirmed that her face is real by posting multiple videos of herself on Instagram, showing that she didn’t Photoshop her pictures. So the only question now is what she looks like without all the makeup.

The gorgeous Chinese answered all curiosity by sharing pictures of herself without any trace of makeup, and the revelation was shocking!

Although she doesn’t exactly look like her living doll character, who has very round eyes, pointy nose, and incredibly pouty lips, Kina Shen is absolutely stunning even without makeup. Some of her fans even prefer her sans makeup look.

Kina Shen even posted a makeup tutorial on YouTube, starting with very minimal makeup that showed off her pretty face and then transforming into her living doll persona.

Watch the video here:

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