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Lulu ‘The Living Doll’ Loitering Around Tokyo Is Setting A New Trend





A full-body doll suit – complete with a wig, a mask and stockings that are patterned with doll-like joints – is loitering around Tokyo, Japan. Dubbed as Lulu the “living doll,” she is turning people’s heads as she crosses the streets or does other things that normal people do.

What is more intriguing is the identity of the one wearing the costume remains a secret. Who knows, the “living doll” can be your favorite dancer, a designer, or a famous model who wants to have a fiction life for the meantime in a real world.

Lulu Hashimoto, the famous “living doll” is the latest trend in Tokyo’s fashion modeling scene.

She was created by a 23-year-old fashion designer, Hitomi Komaki.

Komaki's fondness of dolls led to the birth of Lulu Hashimoto.

“I have always really liked dolls and, for me, the epitome of cuteness is dolls,” Komaki said.

Nowadays, dressing up as a mascot, or what Japanese call “kigurumi,” has become a trend. It is also considered a popular form of art in Japan.

Komaki then took the trend to a new level by creating a body suit that looks exactly like a doll and is able to move like a human.

However, she said, the Lulu body suit will only fit dancers, designers and models.

“Many people call my project a fetish, but for me, it’s not a fetish but fashion,” Komaki explained further.

She said that wearing the Lulu costume is like “wearing nice clothes or putting on false eyelashes to become cuter.”

Lulu’s stockings, which have doll-like-joints, were created by Komaki’s fellow designer, Koh Ueno. He said that he used airbrush to draw the doll-like joints.

Ueno said he is dreaming that one day, women will wear these stockings.

“I want to see women wear these stockings and transform. I want them to experience the extraordinary, to become otherworldly, artificial, or like a doll,” he shared.

Komaki has created Lulu’s social accounts on Instagram and Twitter, which garnered thousands of followers, to show other people her creation.

Here’s how Lulu loiters around Tokyo:

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