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Parenting Done Right: Dad’s Reaction When His Son Chooses a Little Mermaid Doll is PRICELESS!





When Mikki Willis’ four-year-old son Azai chose an Ariel doll in exchange for one of the identical toys he received on his birthday, the California dad did something that most fathers wouldn’t dare do.

Instead of getting mad and forcing his son to get “toys for the boys”, Willis decided to share how he felt about his son’s choice through a video he posted on his Facebook account.

Undaunted by gender stereotypes, Willis gives the best response and explains how he embraces his son’s choice.

Willis said in the video:

“Choose your expression, choose what you’re in to, choose your sexuality, choose whatever you have my promise right now both of you as we sit on this car, this hot car in this parking lot, you have my promise forever to love you and to accept you no matter what life you choose”

Watch his awesome response to his son buying a doll.

Like Logo on Facebook defines gender stereotypes as over-generalization of characteristics or roles of a group based on gender. Although gender stereotypes usually have negative connotations, there are ones positively perceived by others.

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