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Parenting Done Right: Dad’s Reaction When His Son Chooses a Little Mermaid Doll is PRICELESS!

How would you react if your son wanted a doll instead of an action figure?


When Mikki Willis’ four-year-old son Azai chose an Ariel doll in exchange for one of the identical toys he received on his birthday, the California dad did something that most fathers wouldn’t dare do.

Instead of getting mad and forcing his son to get “toys for the boys”, Willis decided to share how he felt about his son’s choice through a video he posted on his Facebook account.

Undaunted by gender stereotypes, Willis gives the best response and explains how he embraces his son’s choice.

Willis said in the video:

“Choose your expression, choose what you’re in to, choose your sexuality, choose whatever you have my promise right now both of you as we sit on this car, this hot car in this parking lot, you have my promise forever to love you and to accept you no matter what life you choose”

Watch his awesome response to his son buying a doll.

Like Logo on Facebook defines gender stereotypes as over-generalization of characteristics or roles of a group based on gender. Although gender stereotypes usually have negative connotations, there are ones positively perceived by others.

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This Guy Attempts The Most Gut-Wrenching Thing You’ll Ever See at Almost 1,000 Feet!

This made my palms sweat.

Some people are just born to do the scariest stunts that will terrify normal human beings to death...and actually enjoy it! Spencer Seabrooke from British Columbia certainly proved that he has balls of steel - he slacklined from one cliff to the other, walking 64 meters to reach the end...and at 951 feet!

In this extremely nerve-wracking video, Spencer grunts and shouts as he walks on a rope, covering the gap between North Gully of Squamish's Stawamus Chief Mountain.

Doing this at almost 1000 feet...without a safety harness!


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Guy Makes $10,000 Per Month Writing On Potatoes

While you’re working hard and earning little from your 8-hour job, Alex Craig makes $10,000 a month just by writing on potatoes.

Say goodbye to traditional greeting cards! Believe it or not, this guy from North Texas is making a huge amount of money out of potatoes and, well, a pen.

Alex Craig, 24 years old, came up with an unusual business idea which he later named Potato Parcel. What product does he offer his customers? He sends potatoes with personalized messages through the mail. His girlfriend called it the “dumbest idea ever” but surprisingly - perhaps especially to her – the business took the internet by storm and he’s been receiving a lot of orders from various places.

Alex claims he is earning a whooping $10,000 a month because of his business.


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11 Disturbing Photos That Show What Death Row Criminals Had For Their Last Meals

Photographer Henry Hargreaves recreated some of the strangest last meal requests of death row criminals.

Given the chance to choose your final meal before you die, what food will you have on your plate?

While that sounds like a cheesy yet a bit morbid question, it is actually a real-life dilemma that some people have to deal with. Imprisoned criminals who have been sentenced to die by execution are typically given the chance to pick their last meal.

Along with a few key details about each convicted criminal, the images below will show you what they requested to eat before they were executed.

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