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Watch Grandpa and Grandson Play a Hilarious “Russian Roulette” Game For Kids





Just when you thought you are done with America’s funniest videos, we just can’t get too much of a grandfather and grandson comedy that seems to bask into the pool of pie face games.

Pie Face games are known for their anticipating throw-in-your-face routine but doing the real deal with a toddler just makes everything else brighter and well, hilariously cute!

As the game states, the key objective is to land a paste of the pie cream on your face while the player’s face is stuck on the hole. With a couple of turns and attempts on who gets to eat the first “slice”, somehow, this video will heighten the sense of eagerness to share the pie altogether in the end, at least until all players get to eat their own share.

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Well, Sir Martin and dear Jayden surely enjoyed their own fair shares!

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