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Six Photos Perfectly Explain Why Bacon is Better than True Love

Because bacon.


For some people, bacon is love. Because who wouldn’t enjoy the oily, meaty goodness that only the thinly-sliced and well-seasoned bacon gives? You can add it to basically any dish and it will instantly perk up that meal’s flavor.

From burgers to bacon roses and bacon cake (yes, they do exist. Find the recipes here and here.), we just can’t help but go gaga over this savory meat product.


The smell of bacon sizzling in the pan. Just heavenly.


Bacon roses? I’d choose them over any other flower any day!


The series of photos below show exactly how much we love bacon, and why bacon is better than true love. Fellow bacon lovers, read on and enjoy!


Photo credit: The Oatmeal


Photo credit: The Oatmeal


Photo credit: The Oatmeal


Photo credit: The Oatmeal


Photo credit: The Oatmeal


Photo credit: The Oatmeal
Because bacon.


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H/T: The Oatmeal


Guy in China Earns Up to $300,000 to Make Mistresses Go Away

“Mistress-dispelling” is actually a big business in the country.

Wives whose husbands are cheating on them have different ways in dealing with the mistresses. Some may choose the bold route and confront the other woman face to face. Others may choose the passive way and just wait for the romance to fizzle out and die, in hopes that the husband will eventually come crawling back home.

Now if the wife is rich enough and willing to pay at least $4000, she can simply hire Connor Ding to make the mistress go away.

Who the heck is Connor Ding, you ask, and what does he do to deserve the staggering service fee?

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Sister Plays Scary Clown Prank On Her Unsuspecting Brother

When’s the perfect time to scare someone? When that guy’s about to pee!

Let’s all face it: clowns really have that creepy vibe.

Sure, these colorful smiling jesters who usually employ slapstick comedy are mainly created to entertain children. But still, there’s no denying that they actually look scarier the longer you stare at them.

Perhaps that is the reason why some creative authors, actors, and artists have turned to clowns to come up with the most sinister of characters.

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Snapshots Show People’s Hilarious Reactions Inside Canada’s Most Frightening Haunted House

These pictures captured the moment when they were most frightened, but they looked so hilarious!

Are you one of those people who enjoy horror themed parks? Do you like entering those dark, gloomy places for some adrenalin rush and a dose of hearty laugh-out-loud moments after the experience?

A good scare does that to us---it makes us laugh, I mean---and it’s because of our silly reactions despite knowing that something scary will definitely happen, or someone will suddenly appear out of nowhere.

But looking at these photos, which captured the people’s reactions during the most frightening moment inside a haunted house, is enough to make you laugh so hard!

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