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After I Watched This Simple Tinfoil Trick… I Cooked The Best Bacon Ever!





Everyone can probably relate to how hard you’ve been trying to do something right but always end up doing the opposite. An obvious case of “epic fail” and believe it or not, most of the time it involves cooking. Trying to perfect your favorite dish, that homemade steak or that famous bacon to the point of waiting for a miracle to happen.

Now wait and worry no more because another life hack and useful tip has reached the internet to help you get that crispy and delicious bacon ever! There are two ways to cook your favorite bacon–stove top or oven roasted and the former can sometimes be a pain because of the grease. Cooking is fun but cleaning is another case so this method will teach us how to cook bacon in the oven without getting it soggy and greasy and very easy to clean afterwards.

The magic trick, all you have to do is get that unused tin foil from the kitchen and create a makeshift grill rack, place the bacon on top, horizontally and be amazed with the result, quick and easy!

Let us see how it’s done here.

Watch and learn:

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I’m definitely going to try this!

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