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Foul-Mouthed Parrot Goes Psycho Mode After Human Smashes Bird Cage

This angry bird just dropped more F bombs than I can count!


Birds usually don’t like round cages. It limits their movement for the most part, especially when they climb on the bar. Most pet owners know that birds often prefer cages with corners because it allows it, well, a little more freedom.

That’s why we’re not entirely sure why Pebble the parrot suddenly went ballistic when this human smashed a round cage in the video below.

Did this bird actually like the cage? Or does he know that it belongs to Jojo, his other parrot buddy?

Whatever the reason is, this bird definitely didn’t hold back expressing his disgust.

Not only did the bird drop a lot of F bombs, he even did it in style since he had an Australian accent. Now talk about a real angry bird!

Go watch the funny video here:

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Uploaded on YouTube just this week by MegaBirdCrazy, the short clip officially became a viral hit as it easily racked more than 2.2 million views (and counting) in 5 days time. Those who saw the foul-mouthed pet couldn’t resist laughing at his colorful language.

YouTube user Mentohs18 commented:

“I haven’t laughed this hard in my life. Really good video!”

Meanwhile, Morgan Uther12 wrote:

“Sounds like my mother when she’s pissed.”

Go check out MegaBirdCrazy’s channel on YouTube and hit the subscribe button for more of Pebble’s adventures. While you’re there, you might also want to consider donating to the Saskatoon Parrot Rescue fund.


13 Most Venomous Spiders to Watch Out!

You may encounter potentially deadly spiders especially when you are out for adventure, learn to determine what kind of arachnid you are faced with!

Sometimes when we travel and seek adventures on the mountains, forests and other outdoor places, we encounter different insects and animals which we at times are not familiar with.

It’s vital to at least know the things around the vicinity that you will visit to ensure that you are ready and well informed about survival and first aid in case of emergency.

In different places we can see spiders which we may think are not dangerous at all, be aware that there are highly venomous spiders to watch out for.

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Drunk Monkey in Brazil Gets Knife and Threatens Residents!

Someone needs to go to rehab.

So a monkey drinks lots of rum, grabs a knife, and then waves it threatengly at the people surrounding him. Sounds just like a scene out of a comedy flick, right? Yup, but this one is actually for real. Seriously.

After helping himself with lots of rum from a makeshift bar in Patos, Brazil, a monkey named Chico takes a butcher's knife and then jumps into the roof. He stabs the shingles with the blade and then waves it over the edge of the roof, as if saying "Back off!"

Chico had too much rum...

Chico had too much rum...

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Peacocks at Zoo Die After Being Passed Around by Chinese Tourists for Selfies

This makes me furious as f**k.

After the shocking death of the baby dolphin, another set of animals died at the hands of selfie-hungry tourists.

Two peacocks at Yunnan Zoo in China died because of rough handling by tourists. The birds were forcefully picked up and passed around for posterity by Chinese tourists. They also plucked the birds' feathers as well. The officials investigating the matter believe that the peacocks died of fright and mishandling; the tourists were reportedly holding them too tightly.

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