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Controversial Peanut Butter And Pickle Sandwich Divides The Internet

Is pairing peanut butter with pickles a good idea?

In a normal world, you know that peanut butter sandwiches are best paired with jelly. You also know that pickles are usually added to cheeseburger meals to make it tastier. The thought of putting peanut butter and pickles chunked together in a sandwich may be upsetting to think of but it’s really happening.

This isn’t one of the sandwiches that are hard and expensive to make. It’s actually as easy as putting a peanut butter on and adding pickles to it.

This tweet that started it all.

A few days ago, The New York Times’ tweet went viral with their feature on peanut butter and pickle sandwich recipe. The recipe, however, wasn’t new for it was originally published back in 2012.

According to The Times, the peanut butter and pickles or PB&P sandwich is a low-key deli circulating around America during the time of the Great Depression.

The author of the post, Dwight Garner, said:

“A lot of people’s grandmothers used to eat them.”

The famous and viral peanut butter and pickles sandwich

Compared to its high profile and classic competitor combination, peanut butter & jelly, the unlikely combination is something not everyone is exactly in favor of.

In fact, netizens have different opinions regarding the recipe and they weren’t afraid to let The New York Times know.

Some people are grossed out by the idea.

Some, however, believe that peanut butter are good with anything

Nevertheless, whichever side you’re on – may it be with pickles with peanut butter or leave pickles out of it- you’d have to see that there are dozens of new sandwich combination all over the Internet.

As responsible citizens of the Internet, we were taught not to body-shame and gender-shame. How different is it if we shamed one’s choices in food?


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