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Women Are Dyeing Their Hair With Bright Colors To Look Like A Peacock And It Is Lovely!

Inah Garcia





Thinking of something new to do this 2016 for yourself? We’re sure you do! After all, the start to the new year is the perfect chance to do something fresh and creative.

If you are still trying to figure out which hair style to choose, makeup trick to master and life hack to perfect, let us help you.

There is new trend that’s been growing in popularity among fashionistas out there: the peacock hair. It might sound weird (not to mention kinky), but it actually looks pretty cool! It’s a hair coloring style that involves dyeing the hair with a variety of vibrant colors. Think hues of blue, purple and green. It truly is a resemblance of peacock hair. We are sure you are curious now so we present to you some rocking photo examples.

1. Of Blues And Greens With Blonde Streaks

1. Of Blues And Greens With Blonde Streaks

Tie it into a chopstick bun to highlight the colors and we’re sure your going to stand out!

2. Royal Blue and Aqua

2. Royal Blue and Aqua

Isn’t this pleasing to the eyes. That soft little braid on the side tames down the powerful colors, creating the perfect balance.

3. Purple, Blue Green And Blonde Streaks

3. Purple, Blue Green And Blonde Streaks

Loose curls are the best and it goes nice with this peacock hair color combination.

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