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Do You Know What Your Valentine’s Day Roses Mean? Here’s A Handy Guide!

Yes, different colors have different meanings.

It’s the month of hearts once again and we all know what that means: candle lit dinners, chocolates, stuffed animals, and of course, flowers – lots and lots of them! And when we talk about Valentines and flowers, perhaps nothing is as popular as the ever-ubiquitous rose.

As design expert Eriko Ono once said “Sending roses on Valentine’s Day is a classic idea and will always win you points.” Ono, however, quickly pointed out that when giving roses, it is important to pick the right color that “matches your true feelings”.

Source: Pexels

Besides, you wouldn’t want to say “I’m the one for you” when all you mean is a simple “Thank you”.

So go read this handy guide by to make sure that you’re sending the right message.

#1. Red means ”I love you”

Source: Pexels

Let’s start with the most obvious: red roses symbolize romantic love that’s why they’re most appropriate to give if you want to express your love.

#2. White means “I am the one for you”

Source: Pexels

If you want to go beyond the typical, you may want to give white roses instead which proclaims “I am the one for you.” White means purity and sincerity so it should also be a good choice for your Valentine.

#3. Pink means “Thank you”

Source: Pexels

Meanwhile, pink is the perfect pick if you want to thank a friend. Pink represents admiration, appreciation, grace, gratitude, and gentleness, among others.

#4. Yellow means “We’re friends and I care about you”

Source: Pexels

Yellow is likewise a great idea if you’re sending roses to a friend as it symbolizes friendship and gladness.

#5. Yellow with red tip means “I’m falling in love with you”

Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, yellow roses with red tips mean that your friendship is now blossoming into romantic love. If you want to drop that hint, this color is the way to go

#6. Orange means “I want you in my life”

Source: Pexels

Orange conveys desire and passion so if it feels like your life is incomplete without that special person, this kind of rose may be most appropriate to give.

#7. Red and white together means “We are a great match”

Source: Pexels

When mixed together, red and white roses now have a different meaning – unity.

#8. Peach means “Let’s make this a memorable Valentine’s Day”

Source: Pixabay

Peach is the color of intimacy so if you’re aiming for an unforgettable celebration, this may be a creative way of letting your partner know.


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