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Parrot Seized By Police After Alerting Owners About Drug Raid

He shouted at his owners that the police were coming!


Parrots are intelligent animals that can be taught several tricks like repeating certain phrases or counting numbers. But can they also serve as a lookout for criminal activity? One parrot has been seized by police because it reportedly alerted its owners about the possible drug raid.

The guilty parrot was found in a house in Teresina, Piauí in Brazil. According to officers of the Military Police 17th Battalion who conducted the drug raid, the little bird had cried out, “Mama, police!” repeatedly when they arrived. Not surprisingly, the police decided to take the parrot in because it may have been trained to serve as a lookout for its criminal owners.

The parrot (not pictured) had shouted at its owners to alert them about the police.

The house (and the parrot) belonged to a woman simply known as India, who was previously arrested for drug dealing. Her husband Edvan was also found to be in possession of four packages of crack cocaine during the raid. Even the couple’s 16-year-old daughter was found with cannabis in her underwear. However, she was later released after appearing in front of a judge.

But what happened to the parrot? It was kept by the Military Police 17th Battalion for a while in hopes it would offer up some evidence. However, the bird is clearly not a snitch because it has remained silent throughout its arrest.

The parrot has refused to talk after the arrest.

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Alexandre Clark, a local veterinarian who checked on the parrot says it is simply not cooperating with the police. “Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing,” Clark revealed.

He might be a criminal (sort of) but that doesn’t mean the papagaio do tráfico (“drug trafficking parrot”) isn’t getting a second chance. The bird is reportedly being taken to the Teresina Zoo for rehabilitation. Perhaps the parrot will eventually open up about the incident after some proper care.


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