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These Proud Parents Share the Challenges Of Raising a Baby Born Without a Nose.





All expecting parents wish nothing but for their little angel to come out safe and normal. This is the reason why would-be parents are willing to go through expensive diagnostic testings and recommended treatments just to make sure that their baby does not suffer from any abnormality.

Meet Brandi and Troy Thompson. Brandi gave birth to their baby named Eli, who was born with a rare condition called Congenital Arhinia. The couple did not know that Eli has this condition until after he was born.

Because of this rare congenital condition, Eli has no nose. Eli underwent a procedure called tracheostomy to compensate for his lack of nasal airway. Brandi and Troy need to monitor Eli 24/7 as his cry is basically soundless and his surgical site should be maintained. For Brandi, the hardest part is to think about Eli’s future, specifically when the time comes that he arrives home from school and reports about kids questioning his nose.

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Challenges in life are inevitable and no matter how much we question the things given to us, we should embrace it with open arms. We salute the parents of Eli for staying by their son’s side and for being proud of their beautiful baby.

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