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Breast Cancer Survivors Cover Their Scars With Beautiful Skin Art

Artistic tattoos help breast cancer survivors fight the negative psychological and emotional effects of surgery.


Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer that affects women worldwide. In 2012, there were approximately 1.7 million newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer. The World Health Organization estimated that 521,000 people succumbed to this fatal disease that same year.

Various treatment options are offered to women who have breast cancer. Chemotherapy and/ or surgeries may be advised depending on the size of the tumor and the extent of the disease. For patients who require surgery, the surgeon may perform a lumpectomy wherein only the tumor inside the breast is excised, or a total mastectomy to remove the entire breast. These procedures may help save lives, but many women experience negative psychological and emotional effects post-surgery including depression, shame, and anxiety.

In the past, reconstructive surgery of the breast was considered an act of vanity; however, the society’s view regarding this matter has changed and many women opt to undergo breast reconstruction following mastectomies.

Recently, Personal ink thought of a way to help empower women who have had surgeries due to breast cancer. They help them connect with tattoo artists who can provide amazing and cool ideas to artistically cover the post-surgical scars on the patient’s chest.

Here are some of their awesome artworks:

“What was clinical became beautiful again…we turned sterile to sensual,” artist David Allen explains.


Photo credit: pinterest
Allen added, “We took back control.”


Photo credit: metamorfose digital
The P. ink website states: “Our goal is to connect cancer survivors with tattoo artists who can provide a form of healing that no one else can.”


Photo credit:
The colors are vibrant and the details are amazing!


Photo credit: pinterest
The tattoo’s design was strategically laid out to hide the scars from the surgery.


Photo credit: imgur
Total mastectomies are unnoticeable due to designs such as this one.


Photo credit: imgur
An angel amidst…


Photo credit: imgur
Beautiful artworks create an illusion to hide the scars and help increase women’s self-esteem after a breast surgery.


Photo credit: imgur
Lace brassiere design.


Photo credit: viralthread
Intricate tattoo detail (post-total mastectomy)


Photo credit:

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