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One-Legged Man Walks 2 Km Each Day Carrying 50 Kg of Bananas to Earn For His Family





Life is full of challenges and some of us may find it hard to deal with them. This is why we need to be inspired by those who have managed to live their lives to the fullest despite unbelievable challenges. The story of a one-legged Filipino man named Allan Aguilar will surely remind us to be thankful for what we have.

Allan’s extraordinary story was shared by Facebook user Lodalina Tomon.

Allan was born to a poor family in Mindanao, one of the three major islands of the Philippines. Allan was only able to study until he was Grade 1. He stopped going to school so he could help his father gather furniture material (rattan) in the forest near their home.

Allan Aguilar is a symbol of hope.

During one of their trips to the forest, young Allan got into an accident. His right foot was affected. His parents were distraught, as they didn’t have money to get better treatment for Allan. Thus, Allan’s foot eventually had to be amputated.

Despite losing his foot, Allan remained hardworking. This alone should have made people feel sympathy and admiration for him. Unfortunately, Allan was reportedly bullied by his brothers-in-law.

He's well-known in his village for his work ethic.

Concerned about Allan’s condition, one of his aunts decided to just take him with her to the town of Sogod in Southern Leyte, a province in the Philippines located in the Visayas region.

Allan has settled in the village of Mabicay for the past 10 years. He’s made a living by selling farm products. Each day, Allan carries around 50 kilograms worth of bananas or other products to the center of town, which is two kilometers away. He makes the journey with the huge sack on his back.

Watch how Allan manages to walk while carrying the heavy load.

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Keep in mind that Allan makes the journey every single day. His journey to his home is a little bit easier because he would no longer be carrying the heavy weight of products. However, his daily routine is still extremely challenging for someone like him.

Since Lodalina shared Allan’s story on Facebook, it has gone viral. People have expressed that they want to help Allan get a prosthetic leg. Then again, we already know that Allan will conquer any challenge in life with or without a prosthetic leg. He has an indomitable spirit and is self-sufficient. He has never used his disability as an excuse to stop being a productive member of society.


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