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Clever Old Lady Bets The Bank President’s Balls Are Square

An old woman walked to a bank with huge cash and later left with an even bigger amount.

Mark Andrew





The internet is filled with a lot of funny, stupid stuff. Here’s a little story I came across with while doing my usual blog hopping.

This obviously fictional – albeit very hysterical – tale tells about an old lady who visited the Bank of America headquarters, carrying a huge bag of cash. She said she wanted to speak with the bank president and that’s when things started to go crazy. To cut to the chase, the old woman ended up having an even bigger amount of money.

How did she do it, you say? Well you can read the full story here:

bet-wth-a-bank-president 1
bet-wth-a-bank-president 2
bet-wth-a-bank-president 3
bet-wth-a-bank-president 4
bet-wth-a-bank-president 5
bet-wth-a-bank-president 6
bet-wth-a-bank-president 7

What a cunning old lady!

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Home & DIY

Woman Discovers A Shocking Secret About Her Home She Bought Nearly 30 Years Ago

What a sell!

Mini Malabanan



Linda McQuillen, a retired teacher in Madison, Wisconsin, had certainly put her $100,000 in good investment.

The 69-year-old woman had no idea that the home she bought in bad shape almost 30 years ago was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect.

Her home is one of the 16 American System-Built houses which are known as well-designed houses at affordable prices. It is one of the four Wright houses identified in the past four months.

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The Reason Why This Old Couple Shares a Meal Will Make You Laugh

This old couple is more than just romantic!

Grace Alviar Viray



When a couple decides to be together, it means they are willing to share almost everything, and sharing means giving what you have to provide for your partner.

Now, there's a story about an old couple who literally share everything, and it's not just their meals.


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Real Life Couple Recreates Scene From The Hit Movie “Up” For Their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

These 80-year-old grandparents recreating the movie “UP” made it look real.

Jessa Ventures



Who wouldn't fall for the Disney Pixar movie "Up?" Carl and Ellie's love story is still my most favorite, though it had me crying like a baby too. Now picture these two in real life-- quite epic, right? It's like watching the characters come to life and falling in love with them once again.

In honor of their 60th wedding anniversary, this real life couple recreated a scene from "Up" all dressed up as Carl and Ellie, complete with Carl's tennis ball cane. The two 80-year-old grandparents are also seen doing a piano duet with the familiar music playing in the background in reference to the film. You also shouldn't miss the famous "Adventure Book" plus "Dug," the dog who can speak through his special collar. Unlike in the movie though, this lovely pair is still living their "happily ever after," together. Happy endings exist!

Their grandson Jason Lyle Black, who is also a pianist made the whole arrangement. He also appeared in the video as "Russell," the adorable 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer.

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