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Clever Old Lady Bets The Bank President’s Balls Are Square





The internet is filled with a lot of funny, stupid stuff. Here’s a little story I came across with while doing my usual blog hopping.

This obviously fictional – albeit very hysterical – tale tells about an old lady who visited the Bank of America headquarters, carrying a huge bag of cash. She said she wanted to speak with the bank president and that’s when things started to go crazy. To cut to the chase, the old woman ended up having an even bigger amount of money.

How did she do it, you say? Well you can read the full story here:

bet-wth-a-bank-president 1
bet-wth-a-bank-president 2
bet-wth-a-bank-president 3
bet-wth-a-bank-president 4
bet-wth-a-bank-president 5
bet-wth-a-bank-president 6
bet-wth-a-bank-president 7

What a cunning old lady!

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