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What Would Happen if a Nuclear Bomb is Detonated in The Marianas Trench?





What do you think will happen if a nuclear bomb is detonated in The Marianas Trench? Of course, there will be a big explosion and whatnot. It is still interesting to know – at the very least – the possibilities there are if there is such explosion exists. Interestingly, a YouTube channel called Riddle presented us with an answer.

First things first, The Marianas Trench is considered as “the deepest crack” in the planet. It is basically a canyon that is 7 miles deep and 3 miles wide, and it is completely filled with water. Now, as for the nuclear bomb, it is none other than the infamous Tsar bomb of the Soviet. Keep in mind that this was the same nuke the Soviet leader promised to show to the West during the Cold War.

What could possibly happen if a nuclear bomb is detonated in The Marianas Trench?

Source: Youngzine

The Tsar bomb is synonymous with 58.6 megatons of pure power, with a blast wave that is capable of circling the globe 3 times. Given the numbers, it is safe to say that the outcome is going to be really horrible. Still, what could possibly happen if this bomb is dropped in The Marianas Trench?

Before this can actually happen (which we obviously do not want to happen), the method of delivering the payload must first be laid out. And, apparently, it is not going to be easy. There are a couple of variables to be considered, such as the depth and pressure of the water underneath, among others. Otherwise, the bomb will only be crushed during the process. Although there is no explosion, radiation is still going to exists… for years.

The Soviet’s Tsar bomb has 58.6 megatons of nuclear power.

Source: Riddle
It is so powerful it is capable of producing a blast wave that can circle the Earth 3 times.

Source: Riddle

There is also the option of delivering the payload via a submarine. And unlike the method above, it could trigger an explosion and a 400-ft tsunami enough to devour all of Japan and all of Southeast Asia. Half of Australia and China, too, will most likely have a fate similar to Atlantis. The same thing can happen to San Francisco and Los Angeles, both of which will besiege 250-ft waves.

But what if you are not in these areas? Well, you will still feel the effect. Other countries are still likely to experience waves and, more importantly, radiation caused by the detonation of the Tsar bomb. Apparently, this is not the worst-case scenario. Why? That is because there is the idea of detonating it at the very bottom of the trench.

If the Tsar bomb is detonated at the very bottom of the trench, a lot of horrible things could happen.

Source: Riddle
Massive tsunamis and floodings, for instance.

Source: Riddle
And, oh, volcanic eruptions would soon hit every surface of the planet.

Source: Riddle

If this is where the bomb detonates, the outcome will truly be devastating. This is thanks to the fact that The Marianas Trench is situated at the boundary of two tectonic plates: the Pacific and Filipino. This will open up two possibilities: Either the plates diverge or converge. Still, either of the two will result in massive trouble.

The energy from the blast, with the help of two tectonic plates, will be transported to every corner of the world at the speed of sound. And so far, there is no exact term to describe the tsunami it can result to. In any case, this tsunami is colossal enough to devour every land. Add to this are the earthquakes in the Pacific Ring of Fire, making the situation even worse.

There is no reason to believe that global extinction would happen.

Source: Riddle

But what if we travel by plane and escape? Well, not really. The blast will cause magmas beneath the Earth’s core to explode, causing a volcanic reaction to complete the picture. To put it simply, air travel is just deadly. At the end of the day, this explosion will result in the extinction of all life on Earth. And if this is really the case, pray that no such bomb finds its way to the bottom of The Marianas Trench.

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