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9 Predictions Nostradamus Made for 2017

Will these turn to reality?

There is one seer whose popularity never wavered despite being dead for centuries. Yep, you guessed it right. Good, old Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus as he is more popularly known, has achieved fame for his collections of prophecies. Quite frankly, most of those verses don’t even make sense when read but there must be a reason why his quatrains transcended through centuries.

Nostradamus was a French physician before he delved into the world of the occult.

After correctly predicting the 9/11 attack, Hitler’s ascent to power, and Trump’s triumph in the presidential race, and more, Nostradamus’ predictions must really be something worthy of consideration.

Now, let us see which of his predictions will turn to reality in 2017:

#1. Rising Superpower China

Rising superpower China will take audacious steps to fix the “economic imbalance” that currently exists throughout the world. Nostradamus predicts that such steps will bring about extensive effects.

#2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing, which, simply put, is the practice of “storing and accessing data over the internet instead of a computer’s hard drive,” will no longer be called such. It will be called ‘computing’ because it will be assumed that computers are done in the ‘cloud’ (read: the internet).

#3. Italy’s financial crisis

Italy will fall prey to a financial crisis. Unemployment levels and loans will rise, causing the country to become the “epicenter” of EU’s financial crisis. The banks will fail, and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

#4. Hot wars

Wars, which Nostradamus pegged as ‘Hot Wars’, will occur and will be sparked by global warming and diminishing resources. However, terrorism will remain as the greatest threats in war.

#5. Latin America

Nostradamus predicts that Latin America will be redefined. Governments shall shift away from leftist policies and move towards setting the stage for political unrest.

#6. United States

Superpower sclerosis: The United States, the current world superpower, will run out of control and will become inept in addressing global issues due to political corruption, ideological divisiveness, and increasing inequality.

#7. The Rise of Solar Power

The Rise of Solar Power: Nostradamus foretells that solar energy will account for a significant portion of the global energy resource. This will help business and economies combat the perpetually increasing energy costs and climate change.

#8. Commercial space travel

Commercial space travel will become the real deal. However, matters beyond orbital flights are bound to be extremely challenging. The moon, asteroids, and mining quests all make up unlikely targets.

#9. Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine and Russia will make peace, although the terms of the truce remain unknown. The United States shall oppose the agreement; however, Germany and the rest of Europe shall gladly welcome such development.

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