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Smarter Than Einstein! This Brilliant 12-Year-Old Girl Has An Impressively High IQ Score

With a Mensa IQ test score of 162, Nicole Barr is clearly brighter than the rest.


This young girl from Harlow, Essex has recently been getting a lot of online interest lately. Why? Well, this child prodigy has achieved a remarkably high score in the Mensa IQ test – a score that’s higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking!

Nicole Barr, 12 years old, took the test with her father a few weeks ago. The result was impressive as she hit a score of 162. Jim Barr, her father, was amazed but was not surprised. From the beginning, he expected his daughter to do well confident with the fact that she has a brilliant mind. With such a huge score, Nicole not only beat her father but many geniuses as well.

Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates only scored 160. This 12-year-old girl got 162.


Photo credit: Yahoo

According to Jim:

“I knew she had a quick mind for working out problems and puzzles. I didn’t want to put any pressure on her, so we went for the fun of it. I had the idea in my mind that she would get into Mensa, but when I got the results back, I thought, ‘Wow that’s a high score!’ It wasn’t until later that I learned it was the top score possible on that test.”

Mensa Communications Manager Ann Clarkson pointed out that:

“[A score of] 162 puts her in the top one percent of the population, so it is exceptional by any definition.”

Nicole loves math, puzzles, playing soccer, acting, singing, and reading.


Photo credit: ViralThread

Jim said the intelligent tween has always performed well academically, “performing several years ahead of her age group in school” but her interests go beyond that. She is also into sports and singing.

In the years to come, Nicole hopes to be a doctor and to “invent a new medicine.”

We see a bright future for this kid! Congrats, Nicole, for the exceptional score!

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Parents Had Difficulty Telling Identical Triplets Apart – So They Used Color Coding!

Color coding FTW!


While having identical triplets sounds exciting, having the ability to tell them apart is another story.

This was the exact dilemma of Karen and Ian Gilbert who experienced difficulty in telling their identical triplets Maddison, Paige, Ffion apart.

Since the triplets look remarkably alike, the proud parents struggled spotting the difference.


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This Daredevil Surfs Monster Waves On A Dirt Bike And It’s Seriously Epic

Everybody said it couldn’t be done but one man proved them all WRONG!

Two years ago, nobody said it was feasible. Two years ago, nobody even dared to try it. At exactly two years ago, one man proved them all WRONG and he’s no other than Australia’s very own pride, Robbie Maddison.

While most people would rather adore the calm touch of the fine sands of Teahupo'o in Tahiti, a trip to this paradise will not be complete unless you try surfing on its roaring waves. Although surfing may be an extreme sport to many, majority are still quite in awe and envy who has mastered the craft well. True enough, just recently, a daredevil Ausie created a big wave as he grasped the art of balance and speed while crossing the vast waters of Tahiti.

Not with a surf board but with his own motorbike!


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Best Boss Ever! CEO Sells His Company And Divides The Money With His Employees

Yemeksepeti has been sold for a huge amount of money – and CEO Nevzat Aydin decided to share the profits with his employees.

Yemeksepeti, Turkey’s first and biggest online food ordering service, was recently sold for a whooping amount of $589 million to Delivery Hero, a German online food service.

Instead of simply taking all the money for himself, Yemeksepeti CEO Nevzat Aydin decided to share a huge percentage of the money with all his 115 employees. According to reports, the kindhearted boss handed out bonuses amounting to a total of $27 million.

Although the business wasn’t contractually obligated to do that, Aydin felt it was the right thing to do.

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