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This Awesome 2-Year-Old Girl Can Solve The Rubik’s Cube In 70 Seconds

This 2-year-old girl can solve the Rubiks Cube faster than you.

Allow me to begin this story by saying that I am a big fan of games that exercise the mind. Whenever I get the chance, I do take the time to play various games such as crossword puzzles, scrabble, jigsaws, Monopoly, memory games, and more. I find pleasure in devising strategies and in straining the brain.

Unless, of course, we’re talking about one of those pesky Rubiks.

I’m one of those guys who, for the life of me, still couldn’t solve that little cube of mystery after all these years. Sure, I still have a Rubik’s lying somewhere around our house plus I know I have a copy of the patterns. I could no longer recall where I placed them and, frankly speaking, I have no plans of playing it again.

I remember some of my friends went as far as teaching me the basic strategies but I don’t know. Maybe I was just too impatient, too uninterested, or too stupid (probably all three?). To this day, I still cannot understand how does one solve the tiny bugger.

That’s why seeing this video below absolutely floored me.

This 2-year-old girl named Hong Yan Chan has shown the incredible skill of solving the 3D puzzle in as little time as 70 seconds.

Hard to believe, you say?

Check out this video here:

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I couldn’t even remember what I was doing with my life when I was that young. Now I’m already a 30-something adult and I can only finish 1 or 2 sides of the cube. And this girl is merely a toddler!

It’s amazing to watch how she was able to solve it that fast and its kinda cute to see how she smiled comfortably right after recording her achievement at 1 minute and 10 seconds.


Man Spends 6 Hours Everyday Putting on His 645 Meters Turban That Weighs 100-Pound

You don’t want this guy sitting in front of you at the movies!

Men constantly complain about women taking too long to get ready in the morning. There are some women who can spend an hour more getting dressed and putting makeup on. But this is nothing compared to this guy in India who spends a mind-boggling SIX hours just to get his turban on. Seriously, SIX long hours.

Avtar Singh Mauni from Punjab, India feels incomplete without his turban on, which is not that unusual - a lot of Indian men are rather attached to their headgears. But Avtar Singh's turban is not just your standard turban - it weighs an astounding 100 pounds and is made up of no less than 645 meters of fabric.

This over-the-top turban takes six hours to put on!


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20-Month-Old Baby Wall Climbs Excellently Without Safety Harness

This baby clings to each rock as if she was a professional climber!

Wall climbing is a fun and exciting activity that adventurous adults enjoy. It is not meant for those who have fear in heights and it takes guts to actually make it to the very top. Little did we know that this type of extreme adventure can be done by a 20-month-old kid better than most adults would fair. Take that, she doesn't have a harness!

The videos of the cute toddler scaling the walls without a safety harness went viral across the Internet this week, getting millions of views on Facebook in just a few days.

Rachael and Zak Farmer, the parents of Ellie Farmer, both competitive climbers are looking forward for their 20 months old daughter to join in the family pastime. Ellie was climbing with her mother throughout her pregnancy and has been a fixture at their local gym in Flagstaff, Arizona, her entire life....

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Firefighter, Ex-Marine Swiftly Takes Down Knife-Wielding Robber At A Store

The seemingly too proud robber clearly got what he deserved! Great job, Mr. Firefighter!

Crimes rates have increased now more than ever. It seems as if people are becoming more and more attracted to doing bad things to instantly get satisfied. Robbers, in particular, would prefer to hurt people or damage businesses instead of getting a job or two.

In this video we found, a robbery attempt was filmed via the CCTV camera of a convenience store in a Texas gas station. The robber casually went to the cashier, shooing a manly customer out of the way. The customer did not hesitate and even raised his arms as if saying, "Ok, go ahead!" Little did the rude robber knew that the man he drove away was a Mansfield firefighter, who also happens to be a former marine officer named Daniel Gaskey.

Daniel quickly assessed the robber from head to feet and before the bad man could do some damage, Daniel captured him and let him down until authorities came to take charge. What a very heroic and wise act!...

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