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Newborn Baby Gets the Most Adorable Babysitter of All Time.





Charlie is not your regular dog. When you look at him, he looks like the typical beagle, but he has totally cool tricks up his sleeve – he can play with the toy keyboard, press the traffic light button, swing the cradle, and put a blanket on the crib. His owners did a great job schooling Charlie with these awesome tricks.

But wait till you see the things he can do when he’s with baby Laura. He can assist with diaper changes, cuddle with her on the couch, play tug-of-war, and share a burrito – the perfect playmate and babysitter. His patience with the baby is remarkable.

The amazing thing is, his owners didn’t actually teach Charlie those cute tricks – he learned it all by himself!  Charlie is so caring and smart he didn’t need lessons on how to love baby Laura. He’s a natural. Charlie is proof that dogs and babies are perfect together.

Watch how Charlie becomes the most adorable babysitter ever.

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