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Never Settle Down With A Guy Who Has These 15 Habits




#6. Doesn’t want to maintain a conversation.

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You may find someone who is an awesome talker. However, you might want to think twice if your partner doesn’t seem to be interested in whatever you say. When you want to say something, he would most likely cut in and tell his own story.

#7. He would force you to change to suit his ideals.

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If your man thinks that everything he decides and plans for can never go wrong, he most likely thinks he’s all that. As a result, he could make you change your ways just so it would fit his ideals. This kind of guy mostly doesn’t realize that he’s done a mistake.

#8. He has excuses for everything.

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A guy would make any excuses just to avoid a situation. If he repeatedly makes them and it’s obvious that most of them don’t make sense, you just have to accept it that he’s not that into you.

#9. Habitual liars.

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It’s pretty obvious why you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who constantly lies to you about anything. Relationships should be built on mutual trust.

#10. Never-ending fights.

Having a fight in a relationship is healthy as it is an opportunity to realize your mistakes and make some compromise. However, if they happen too often and your guy seems to be the one that keeps the tension going, you might want to end things with him sooner.

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