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You Should Never Post Your I.D. or Documents Online. Here’s Why





Modern technology and the use of social media may put it users’ privacy at risk.

Users intentionally posting pictures of their identification cards and documents are already making the job easier for cyber criminals. How? Well, many social media users are unaware that the information that they share through the web could be used for identity theft or fraud.

Recently, a teacher in the Philippines became a victim of identity theft, leaving him with a debt amounting to Php 800,000.

According to GMA News 24 Oras, Php 9,000 is being deducted from the salary of Mark Joseph Lintok, a public school teacher. Soon, an additional Php 10,000 will be deducted every month.

He was shocked to find out that he has an existing loan amounting to Php 800,000 from five different banks without his knowledge and permission.

Upon inquiring in the bank, Mr. Lontok found out that a man who pretended to be him used his I.D.s and documents, and even forged his signature. Sadly, the loan application was approved.

The suspect who committed identity theft.

He is the suspect who committed identity theft.

According to Mr. Lontok, the thief got his personal details when he posted his identification card from the Professional Regulation Commission online, right after he passed the board examination. The National Bureau of Investigation confirmed that another public school teacher became a victim wherein the suspect used this teacher’s personal information as a co-maker in the loan application.

Watch the video of a teacher victimized by identity theft online:

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Identity theft has been an ongoing security concern. When cyber criminals find you, they can get hold of a lot of sensitive information, which they can use to apply for loans and initiate transactions.

You can protect yourself from online identity theft. Here’s how:

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Through cross posting, users who upload their pictures on Facebook also share the same photo on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Not everyone on your social media site is someone you’d trust with your files. There should be limits on how open you should be on the internet. So be smart!

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